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This page's objective is to show versions/ports of console games considered the superior or "definitive" versions, for those interested in emulating them.

Console versions of games superior to PC counterparts

While we live in a time were the PC versions are automatically regarded as the "definitive" ones because of the benefits the platform has over consoles, it was not always the case. This section will cover games that either received poor ports (where emulation is preferable), or got completely different versions compared to console titles of the same name.

Game Best version PC version issues
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PS2 Many missing effects, worse textures and different map geometry.
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Xbox Shadows, water and torchlight may not render correctly on modern PCs.
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Xbox It has StarForce 3.0 DRM, which is incompatible with Windows Vista or higher.
Metal Gear Solid PlayStation FMV's don't work on modern PCs, and misses blur effects.
Sonic Adventure Dreamcast Too many to list here.
Silent Hill 2 PS2 Missing some effects, fogs are lower quality. Some problems from the PC version can be patched using mods.
007 Nightfire Xbox Completely different game, developed by Gearbox. Some weapons appear in the console version but not the PC version, has fewer levels than the console versions and does not implement driving mode. Had a mixed reception compared to the console's counterpart.
Spider-Man 2 Xbox Completely different game, developed by a different studio. It was "dumbed down" for a young audience and thus featured more simplistic and less challenging gameplay.
Toy Story 3 PS3 The Windows version is a port of the Wii version instead of the X360/PS3 versions, have fewer Toy Box options for gameplay and town customization, and lack a multiplayer option.

Console-only games

Some games don't have PC versions, but they are multiplatform titles. This section will suggest the best versions of some of these games.

Game Best version Reason
Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360 The PS3 version of Red Dead Redemption runs at a significantly lower resolution than the Xbox 360 version, uses simpler visual post-processing effects, have missing objects throughout the game, areas of grass are more patchy, shadows are simpler (and sometimes missing), and textures appear more basic and low resolution.
Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex Xbox The Xbox version of the game features reduced loading times and improved graphics (extra effects).