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|L.A. Machineguns
|L.A. Machineguns
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|Le Mans 24
|Le Mans 24

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Sega Model 3
235 daytona-usa-2-arcade.jpg
Developer Sega
Type Arcade system board
Release date 1996
Discontinued 1999
Predecessor Sega Model 2
Successor Sega Naomi

Sega Model 3 is an arcade platform released 1996 as the successor to Sega Model 2. Model 3 mostly continued arcade games series established on previous Sega arcade boards, with games such as; Daytona USA 2, Sega Rally 2, Virtua Fighter 3 and Star Wars Trilogy Arcade. Upon release, the Model 3 board was more powerful than any other arcade platform on the market, as well as any home console or computer at the time; it took several years for home systems to catch-up. Model 3 was followed by Sega Naomi in 1998 which uses a similar architecture to the Sega Dreamcast.


Name Operating System(s) Latest Version Active Libretro Core Recommended
Supermodel Windows, Linux, OS X 0.2a
~ (WIP)
MAME Multi-platform 0.227


  • Supermodel is an open-source Model 3 emulator. The aim of the Supermodel project is to develop an emulator that is both accurate and playable. It is in a early stage of development, meaning it lacks several planned features (such as a user-friendly graphical interface). Make sure to use the latest SVN version since the build on the home page is severely outdated, and check out the help page for instructions on how to use it. A Libretro port has been confirmed to be in the making.
  • MAME has a driver for Model 3 but emulation is in a preliminary state, with no games marked as working yet. It is slow and has lots of bugs, some games hangs or crashes.


Game Supermodel MAME Ports
Boat Race GP
Daytona USA 2
Daytona USA 2: Power Edition
Dirt Devils
Emergency Call Ambulance
Fighting Vipers 2
Harley Davidson & L.A. Riders
L.A. Machineguns
Le Mans 24
Magical Truck Adventure
Scud Race
Scud Race Plus
Sega Bass Fishing / Get Bass
Sega Rally 2
Ski Champ
Spikeout: Final Edition
Star Wars Trilogy Arcade
The Lost World: Jurassic Park
The Lost World: Jurassic Park Special
The Ocean Hunter
Virtua Fighter 3
Virtua Fighter 3: Team Battle
Virtua Striker 2
Virtua Striker 2 '98
Virtua Striker 2 '99
Virtua Striker 2 '99.1
Virtual On 2: Oratoria Tangram

This list is updated as of Supermodel 0.2a (compatibility list) and MAME 0.197 (no games marked as working yet).