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Required Hardware: GDR8082N USB DVD Drive or Wii


Windows: Use FriiDump 0.5.3

Linux: Use FreeDump 0.5.3

Run FriiDump with no arguments/flags, read the help text.

Using Wii: CleanRip


Windows: Use Alchohol 120%

Linux: cdrdao

PlayStation 2

Windows: Use DVD Decrypter

There are other more recent updated programs however, this is the only one I can find that doesn't ask you to install toolbars and other malware.


Step 1: Put your PS2 disc into your computer.

Step 2: Open DVD Decrypter

Step 3: Click Mode>ISO>Read

Step 4: Choose the destination of the file, by clicking the little folder+magnifying glass button.

Step 5: Click the DVD button at the bottom.

Step 6: Wait for it to finish burning.

Step 7: Play ISO in whatever emulator you use (pcsx2 is recommended)

PlayStation 3

Required Hardware: PS3 w/ CFW or Blu-Ray Drive (?)

Using PS3: Pretty sure multiMAN can do this (?)

Windows: ?


Required Hardware: Broadband adapter, CD-R Drive

Use httpd-ack for Dreamcast, follow this tut.