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Project 64 2.1 - The official download has a shitty installer which asks you to install useless toolbars. This pack has just the necessary files. Simply unzip it to a folder and you're ready to go.


  • Jabo's Direct3D - Comes with Project 64. Very speedy, can potentially look the prettiest due to built-in AA and AF options, and is the only plugin with a widescreen hack. The most recent version ( is somewhat buggy and has regressions, however, so version 1.6.1 is recommended instead. Sadly, it will likely never see another update again.
  • Glide64 - Also comes with Project 64 as of version 2.1. Often more accurate and compatible than Jabo's plugin, and has a wealth of options, while still being quite fast. The bundled version may have some regressions, however, so Glide64 Final may be worth keeping around just in case. Is likely to see some updates in the future as Project 64 develops.
  • z64gl - A very accurate low-level plugin developed by ziggy. It has the capability to render at the N64's native resolution in case you don't like super sharp polygons with low-res textures. Requirements may be a bit heavier than Jabo's and Glide64, and configuration requires editing the config file directly. Needs an accompanying RSP plugin. May see some updates or future plugins based on its code.
  • Shunyuan's SoftGraphic - Based on angrylion's RDP code and the MAME/MESS RDP, it is hands down the most accurate video plugin of all. Renders pixel-perfect native resolution N64 graphics. However, as it is a pure software renderer, it requires a very powerful CPU to run at an acceptable speed. Has nothing in the way of options other than turning off the N64's internal filtering and anti-aliasing, which gives a good performance boost. Still under active development, so expect future performance optimizations and options.


  • Jabo's DirectSound - Comes with Project 64. It works fine for the most part, but some games may not play nice with it. It is a low-level plugin, so it needs an accompanying RSP plugin. Will probably never be updated again.
  • Shunyuan's HLE Audio - Needs more testing, but so far it appears to be a great sound plugin. Can run in both LLE and HLE modes despite the name. Under constant development, so expect further improvements.


  • Jabo's DirectInput - Comes with Project 64. It isn't too bad, but it may have some compatibility problems with some controllers. Should work just fine with the keyboard if you're one of those masochists who emulates without a controller. As usual, do not expect any updates.
  • N-Rage Input - Probably the best input plugin. Has a ton of options and great controller compatibility, including XInput support for use with Xbox 360 controllers. It sees occasional updates.


  • Zilmar's RSP - Comes with Project 64. Will work fine for most games.
  • FatCat's RSP plugin pack - Hoo boy, this one's a doozy. This is a pack of extremely optimized Interpreter RSP plugins with very specific purposes, from attaining the greatest possible accuracy and compatibility to getting as much performance as possible. Here's how they boil down, from most resource intensive to least:
    • RSP - This is a pure LLE plugin. It requires the use of both LLE video and audio plugins.
    • LLE - For use with a combination of an LLE video plugin with an HLE audio plugin.
    • MLE - For use with a combination of an HLE video plugin with an LLE audio plugin.
    • HLE - For use with both HLE video and audio plugins. May trigger error messages in some games.
    • PJ64 - For use with Gauntlet Legends, Stunt Racer 64, and World Driver Championship. Only works on Project 64 2.x.

Recommended General Setups

  • General Use
    • Glide64 Final
    • Shunyuan's HLE Audio
    • FatCat's MLE RSP (HLE RSP if on a toaster)
  • Eye Candy
    • Jabo's Direct3D 1.6.1
    • Shunyuan's HLE Audio
    • FatCat's MLE RSP (HLE RSP if on a toaster)
  • Accuracy
    • z64gl
    • Shunyuan's HLE Audio
    • FatCat's RSP (LLE RSP if you need a speed boost)
    • Shunyuan's SoftGraphic
    • Shunyuan's HLE Audio
    • FatCat's MLE RSP (HLE RSP might help, but I doubt it)

And if all else fails, refer to this: