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Current version: 0.30
Active: Yes
OS: Windows, OS X, Android, iOS
Authors: jpd002
Official website:
Source code: GitHub

Play! is a high-level PlayStation 2 emulator that runs on almost every major platform, minus Linux/BSD. Its compatibility and features are pretty far behind PCSX2 still, but quite a few commercial titles can be run on all supported platforms, except the iOS port does not support input yet. Since Play! is high-level, it doesn't need an actual PS2 BIOS to run games; and Play! is not a plugin-based emulator so there are very little settings or setup needed to run games, aside from installing/picking games.

Play! is also the first ever PlayStation 2 emulator to run on the ARM architecture, being capable of running on certain Android & iOS devices, including Android x86 support & gamepads on Android too. Game compatibility is also very equal on all ports.


Compatibility List

Windows & Mac