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Current version: 1.80
Active: Yes
OS: Several
Authors: notaz
Official website: notaz's Site
Source code: GitHub

PicoDrive is an open-source Genesis/Sega (Mega) CD/32X/Pico emulator. It was originally developed for the UIQ2, before moving onto the GP2X, PSP, and other handheld devices.


The most actively developed version was for the GP2X, as well as being the best port due to higher levels of optimization.

PicoDrive is also available as a libretro core for RetroArch.


PicoDrive is designed to run well on toasters like the GP2X, so it sacrifices a lot of accuracy for speed. It can emulate most Genesis and Sega CD games without any serious issues, but SMS emulation is somewhat buggy and Game Gear emulation is completely broken. 32X emulation works, but is not as well developed as Kega Fusion (you can find a list of incompatible games here).

It's recommended that you only use PicoDrive if your preferred device is too weak to run anything better, or if you absolutely need a 32X emulator that isn't Kega. However, consider that PicoDrive is the only core that emulates the 32X when using RetroArch.