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Developer(s) Anonymous/Unidentified
Latest version 1.06b
Active No
Platform(s) Windows
PlayStation Portable (port)
Dreamcast (port)
PlayStation 2(port)
Emulates Neo Geo Pocket/Color
License GNU GPLv2

NeoPop is an open-source Neo Geo Pocket and Pocket Color emulator for Windows.


Windows NeoPop 1.06b

PSP NeoPop PSP 0.71.15
Dreamcast DC NeoPop 1.0
PlayStation 2 NeoPop PS2


NeoPop was last updated in 2004 and newer, more modern emulators like Mednafen and MAME have since began to cover the Neo Geo Pocket.

NeoPop does have pretty good sound emulation, and one version includes debugging tools which may be useful to homebrew game developers.