NEC PC-6000 series

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NEC PC-6000 series
Developer NEC Home Electronics
Type Home computer
Generation Z80-based home computers
Release date 1981
Successor PC-8800

The NEC PC-6000 series, also known as the PC-60, were a family of computers made by NEC starting in November of 1981. The last models of the PC-60 were released in 1984, though it is unknown when they were discontinued. The PC-60 was released in America and Japan.


PC-60 Emulators
Emulator Operating System(s) Latest Version Active Recommended
PC6001VX Multi-platform 3.1.1/Git
PC6001V Windows 1.25
MAME Multi-platform 0.222
PC6001VW Windows 310f



The PC-6001 has a µPD780 (basically a NEC clone of the Z80) with 16KB of RAM. It uses a chiclet keyboard.


The PC-6001A is the same as the 6001 but for the American market so it has a typewriter keyboard.


The PC-6001mkII has the same CPU as the 6001 and 6001A but with 64KB of RAM and 16KB of VRAM.

PC-6001mkII SR

The PC-6001mkII SR had a PD 780C-1 at 3.58 MHz with 64KB of RAM.