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N-Gage cool!.jpg
Developer(s) Anonymous
Latest version 1.2.1
Active No
Platform(s) Windows
Emulates J2ME
Website Official
Programmed in Java
License Closed-source

N-GAGE COOL! is a dead payware emulator for Windows platform. It only partially emulated the J2ME-based Nokia N-Gage exclusives with low compatibility and nothing else from the rest of the bunch. Most of games are not works, less advantages.


N-GAGE COOL! gives you the ability to compare the two mobile game decks side-by-side having the very different and unique gameplay experience of both N-GAGE QD and N-GAGE. You can switch between N-GAGE QD and N-GAGE at blazing speeds. See for yourself how much fun it will be. Responsive keypad, full-graphics screen,stereo audio system and the thumbpad controls, everything with the real gameplay!

N-GAGE COOL! is extremely easy to use and requires no installation on your mobile phone - it runs on your desktop PC. Whether your mobile phone is Nokia S60, Sony Ericsson UIQ, Microsoft Windows Mobile or even haven't got a handset yet.


  • Low compatibility
  • Stereo audio, MIDI, Wav playback supported
  • J2ME and N-Gage Supported
  • 1024x768 screen resolution support


Nc! pop.jpg Nc! pop2.jpg Nc! rb.jpg
Nc! r3.jpg Nc! ss.jpg Nc! jb.jpg


Windows 1.2.1 ($)

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