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[microM8 Apple II emulator]
Developer(s) Melody and April Ayres-Griffiths (as Paleotronic)
Latest version Continuously deployed
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows, Linux, macOS
Emulates Apple II
Download(s) Download
Programmed in Go

microM8 is a cross-platform Apple II emulator written in Go.

microM8 is unusual amongst Apple II emulators in that in can render Apple II video output as voxels, creating a 3D effect. It provides various options to offset pixels by color, remap colors, add overlays and backdrops, background music and so forth. Users can also run 'control programs' that interact with the emulated game or application. microM8 also has recording and rewind support.

microM8 also contains Applesoft and Integer BASIC interpreters with additional commands and access to 3D video modes, and a vectorised version of Apple Logo.

Because it is written in Go, it is multi-threaded, with various emulated components operating independently rather than having a central loop.