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Current version: 0.4
Active: Yes
OS: Multi-platform
Authors: StapleButter
Repository contributors
Official website:
Source code: GitHub

melonDS is a work-in-progress Nintendo DS emulator. It has been available as a LibRetro core since version 1.6.

It is available for download at the official website.

Getting Started

From the README on GitHub:

melonDS requires BIOS/firmware copies from a DS. Files required:
  • bios7.bin, 16KB: ARM7 BIOS
  • bios9.bin, 4KB: ARM9 BIOS
  • firmware.bin, 256KB: firmware
Firmware boot requires a firmware dump from an original DS or DS Lite. DS firmwares dumped from a DSi or 3DS aren't bootable and only contain configuration data, thus they are only suitable when booting games directly.
DS BIOS dumps from a 3DS can be used with no compatibility issues. DSi BIOS dumps should be usable too, provided they were dumped properly.