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Current version: ???
Active: No
OS: Windows
Authors: Bazix
Official website:
Source code: closed source

MSXPLAYer is an official, commercial emulator created by Bazix developers, released by Stichting Sunrise and the MSX Association. It comes with the MSX GameReader.


Release 1 (09/27/01) (Old, based on intent so it runs without a GameReader)


It plays all but 3 games (FAC demo 5, Sphere, and Magoo's Verticle Sync demo), but has many small glitches with other games. Only ~1/3rd or audio is emulated. The program is completely in Japanese, and has very little in the way of configuration: no controller config, no video enhancement options, and no screenshot or savestate support. Also copies of the emulator are given with MSX GameReaders, and as such it doesn't read disk images: you either need to use real disks or mount images in a virtual floppy disk. It's recommended to use BlueMSX over this.