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'''Q: Can I run [insert emulator here]?'''
'''Q: Can I run [insert emulator here]?'''
A: Generally, emulation runs off the CPU, with the GPU allowing for higher resolutions, AA, etc. If your CPU isn't good enough, you can't emulate a system too well. A commonly-recommended CPU is the '''Intel Core i5 2500k '''or the '''3570k'''. For DeSmuME and PPSSPP, enable the dynarec option for speedups. For GC/Wii and PS2 see the [[Dolphin]] and [[PCSX2]] pages, specifically, for recommended specs if a 2500k/3570k is not a viable option.
See: [http://emulation-general.wikia.com/wiki/Computer_specs Computer specs]
===Blurry PS2 ===
===Blurry PS2 ===

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