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Even the tiny Game Boy Advance has quite a few emulators. They can be downloaded from here.



  • PocketNES: Best one for GBA. Fast, stable, with multiple zoom options.
  • InfoNES: Old yet decent emulator.
  • Famicom Advance: Slower than PocketNES. FC/NES emulation.
  • HCVA: FC/NES emulator with support for lots of mappers.


Not really ideal for the obvious reason GBA has two buttons less than the SNES.

  • SNES Advance: Formerly known as PocketSNES. Different versions have different game-specific fixes breaking stuff elsewhere.

Sega Genesis

  • Genesis Advance: First and only Genesis emulator for GBA.

Sega Master System / Game Gear

  • DrSMS: GG/MS. Excellent speed and compatibility.
  • SMS Advance: SG-1000/GG/MS. Good. No FM Chip, EEPROM emulation.

PC Engine

  • PCEAdvance: Very decent emulator.


Game Boy Color

If you don't want to use a GB Bridge, emulators exist as well:

  • GBonGBA
  • Goomba Color: Sound, SGB borders, savestates. (Updated Link)
  • PocketGB: Low compatibility, high speed.

Neo Geo Pocket

  • NGP Advance: incomplete but good.


  • SwanAdvance: Very early, low compatibility and speed.


  • Greenboy Attack: Green Beret, Rush'n Attack, Mr. Goemon.



  • DOSAdvance


  • MSXAdvance

Sharp X1 Turbo

  • X Millennium Advance

BBC Micro

  • PocketBeeb


Sierra AGI