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(Consoles: There were only one Genesis emulator available on GBA, which is called Genesis Advance. Before 2018, there were formerly no Genesis emulator for GBA. Genesis Advance was added to this page.)
(Computers: There is a DOS emulator available for GBA, which is called DOSAdvance.)
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* DOSAdvance
* MSXAdvance
* MSXAdvance

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Even the tiny Game Boy Advance has quite a few emulators. They can be downloaded from here.



  • PocketNES: Best one for GBA. Fast, stable, with multiple zoom options.
  • InfoNES: Old yet decent emulator.
  • Famicom Advance: Slower than PocketNES. FC/NES emulation.
  • HCVA: FC/NES emulator with support for lots of mappers.


Not really ideal for the obvious reason GBA has two buttons less than the SNES.

  • SNES Advance: Formerly known as PocketSNES. Different versions have different game-specific fixes breaking stuff elsewhere.

Sega Genesis

  • Genesis Advance: First and only Genesis emulator for GBA.

Sega Master System / Game Gear

  • DrSMS: GG/MS. Excellent speed and compatibility.
  • SMS Advance: SG-1000/GG/MS. Good. No FM Chip, EEPROM emulation.

PC Engine

  • PCEAdvance: Very decent emulator.


Game Boy Color

If you don't want to use a GB Bridge, emulators exist as well:

  • GBonGBA
  • Goomba Color: Sound, SGB borders, savestates. (Updated Link)
  • PocketGB: Low compatibility, high speed.

Neo Geo Pocket

  • NGP Advance: incomplete but good.


  • SwanAdvance: Very early, low compatibility and speed.


  • Greenboy Attack: Green Beret, Rush'n Attack, Mr. Goemon.



  • DOSAdvance


  • MSXAdvance

Sharp X1 Turbo

  • X Millennium Advance

BBC Micro

  • PocketBeeb


Sierra AGI