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===New systems emulated===
===New systems emulated===
'''Is there an emulator for the 3DS, VITA, PS3, Xbox360, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One?'''
'''Is there an emulator for the 3DS, VITA, PS3, Xbox360, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, Switch?'''
There are emulators for the PS3 ([[RPCS3]]), Xbox 360 ([[Xenia]]) and 3DS ([[Citra]]), however, they are not functional for regular use.
There are emulators for the PS3 ([[RPCS3]]), Xbox 360 ([[Xenia]]), 3DS ([[Citra]]), and Wii U ([[Cemu]]), however, they are not functional for regular use.
As for the other systems, no.
As for the other systems, no.

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See: Emulator Files

New systems emulated

Is there an emulator for the 3DS, VITA, PS3, Xbox360, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, Switch?

There are emulators for the PS3 (RPCS3), Xbox 360 (Xenia), 3DS (Citra), and Wii U (Cemu), however, they are not functional for regular use. As for the other systems, no.


Can I run [insert emulator here]?

See: Computer specs

Save states

My save states do not work in the new version of the emulator I downloaded. Why?

Save states are not compatible between different versions of emulators, or between different emulators. Don't rely on them. Use real/battery saves which typically can be transfered, even if they need converted first.

New version is slower

The new version of an emulator is slower than the previous version. Why?

As emulators develop, they generally become more accurate, emulating more of the system's functions. This results in greater compatibility, and fewer glitches but at the expense of speed. More CPU power is needed. It may make sense to use an older version that works well for a specific game if your system is not able to handle the modern version. But newer versions may also be optimized or perform more efficiently as well.



Check out the List of filetypes for information on what's what, and where to use it.


I downloaded a file in a zip/rar/7z format, and inside it are a lot of files labelled either r00/r01 etc, part1/part2 etc or 001/002 etc files. What are these?

It's a split archive, usually RAR. Make sure you have 7-Zip installed. Do not use WinRAR. Extract all those files somewhere. Then, right click on the first in the sequence (e.g. r00/part1/etc) and, depending on the program used, should have an "Extract Here" command. Use it; it'll output the files you're looking for. You can then proceed to delete all those r0x/partx/etc files if you want.


What do those numbers/letters mean in the filename?

They're codes for recognizing ROM status, region and translation language.


PS3/PS4 controller

How do I connect my PS3/PS4 controller to my computer?

Use XInput Wrapper SCP.

PS1 emulators

ECM format

I downloaded a PS1 game from emuparadise. It's in .ecm format and won't open in an emulator. Why?

ECM is a compressed format. You need to decompress using PakkISO or ECM Tools (both provided on the emuparadise download page). It'll output as a .bin usually, which is what the .cue uses to load the game. Note that recent SVN builds of PCSX-R DO allow loading of ECM files, however it's recommended to unpack them anyway. Linux users can use the ECM Tools which should be included in your repository, which is explained on Ubuntu Forums. You then need to use the 'ecm-uncompress' command in terminal.

Keybinds in lilypad

I use PCSX-R with LilyPad, but the esc key and various others don't work!

In the keyboard Input API (radio buttons in the top left of the LilyPad options), choose raw input.

Multi track games

The PlayStation 1 game that I downloaded came with a lot of tracks. How do I play it?

You need to create/run the cue sheet (.cue). Support for multi-track games can be found in Mednafen, RetroArch, PCSX-R and ePSXe

Mednafen memory cards

To transfer memory cards, follow this guide. Also, in games with multiple discs with saves that carry over, you have to follow the same procedure.

Using RetroArch#Transfer_PS1_Memory_Card_Files

PS2 emulators

Blurry PS2

Why is my PS2 game blurry?

It's either interlacing or a filter in the game itself. For the former, switching the de-interlacing mode with F5 may help, and may cause flicker or screen shaking. For the latter, hacks are required. Either Aggressive-CRC if the game is listed there, or skipdraw (toy with the number, 1-100) might work otherwise.

Simply sitting farther back from the screen (similar to how one would normally sit away from a CRT TV) can also reduce the noticeability of the blur filter.

Black lines in PS2 games

Those lines are caused by scaling to a non-integer internal resolution (anything other than XxNative), texture filtering (Check that shit off or to half at most), improperly offset textures(TC offset hack, Wild Arms hack), or improperly handled texture edges(Sprite hack). Native resolution for the most part fixes those. But software rendering may be required as well.

PSP emulators

PSP audio

PSP emulation has no audio.

See: PPSSPP common problems and fixes

Specific games

Main article: Game problems FAQ

See this article for problems with specific games.