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BIOS files for RetroArch cores and Mednafen standalone: Main Backup

BIOS files for MESS 0.151: Main Backup

BIOS files for OpenEmu: Main Backup

BIOS and system Roms for PCem: Main Backup


Famicom (NES)

Super Famicom (SNES)

  • Satellaview BIOS Backup
    Required for some Satellaview releases. For bsnes and snes9x-sx. This is a modified BIOS with the replay limitation removed and an English translation for the town hub.
  • SuperDisc BIOS Backup
    Required for Sony's SNES-CD emulation. For no$sns 1.6.
  • DSP1b Backup
    Required only in recent higan/bsnes versions past 0.73.
  • SNES Coprocessor ROMs Backup
    Required only in recent bsnes libretro versions past 0.92.

Nintendo 64


  • GameCube BIOS Backup
    Optional. Dolphin uses it to load the better original system fonts, but even without it it has (uglier) replacement fonts.
  • DSP-LLE for Dolphin Backup
    Optional. Needed for more accurate low-level emulation of DSP audio. Required in Dolphin for connectivity with GBA units. A HLE solution removing this requirement exists, but is still incomplete.
  • Swiss-GC .dol Backup
    Optional. Needed for 'native' widescreen.
  • Wii Network Certs Backup

Game Boy Color

  • GBC BIOS Backup
    Optional. Bootstrap ROM. A variant exists for the monochrome GB.

Game Boy Advance

  • GBA BIOS Backup
    Optional. Required for a few games, homebrew, and connectivity with the GameCube.
  • E-Reader ROM: US, JP v2
    Required for e-Reader emulation.

Nintendo DS

  • NDS BIOS and Firmware
    Optional. Needed for NO$GBA.
  • DSi BIOS Backup
    For DSi emulation. Required (NO$GBA).
  • DSi NAND Backup
    For DSi emulation. Optional (NO$GBA). Improves compatibility. No easy way to dump from real hardware (make sure you upgrade the copy of NO$GBA included in that package).

Nintendo 3DS

Wii U

  • Wii U fonts (lacks three more fonts, but they're unused): Main Backup
    Optional. Cemuhook has replacement fonts.
    Goes under SharedFonts.
    Needed for proper text display in some games.
  • Wii U Menu files, 5.5.2 (probably needs urgent mirroring away from mediafire): EU EU Backup, US US Backup, JP JP Backup
    Optional. For Cemu 1.11.4+.
    Goes under mlc01.
    Needed for rendering Mii among other things.
    Wii U Menu can be accessed from the .rpx under mlc01\sys\title\00050010\10040XXX\code\men.rpx (where XXX is 000 for JP, 100 for US, 200 for EU)
  • Online files Backup
    Optional. For Cemu 1.11.0+.
    Needed for online play.
    Lacks unbanned account.dat file unique to the console, but an account.dat generator and custom servers with lax authentification are WIP.





PlayStation 2

BIOS files Verify with these MD5 Hashes. hosted on:

These are required for PS2 emulation.


  • Original PSP Fonts Backup
    Optional. PSP emulators have replacement fonts, but they don't exactly match the originals as well as they should.

PlayStation 3


Sega CD





Other Systems

MSX (ASCII/Microsoft)

PC Engine/TG-16 (NEC)

  • System Card Pack Backup
    Required for CD-based games - [BIOS] PC Engine Super CD-ROM2 System V3.00 (Japan).pce is enough in most cases.

PC-98 (NEC)

  • Font file Backup (Binary format)
    For Neko Project II. Optional. Needed for some text displaying properly.
  • Font file Backup (BMP format)
    For Anex86 and other emulators. Optional. Needed for some text displaying properly.

X68000 (Sharp)