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Developer AU
Type Cellphone & Mobile
Generation 5th generation
Release date 4 July 2001
Discontinued June 2004
Predecessor WAP
Successor EZweb/EZ-appli BREW (B)
EZ-appli MIDP (J)
Dumped kddi.com/ezplus
Emulated ~

Japanese carrier KDDI/Au released ezplus as part of their EZweb set of standards for mobile telephony. It is based on Java ME extended with proprietary APIs. The first device supporting it was released on 2001 (Hitachi C451H). ezplus was later renamed to "EZ-appli (Java)" (Japanese : "EZアプリ (Java)") and gradually replaced with a BREW-based solution called "EZ-appli (BREW)" until 2004 when the last ezplus device was released.

In 2006 an Open Application Player (Japanese: オープンアプリプレイヤー) feature was added allowing to run MIDP 2.0 Java apps on the BREW devices, which were often denominated as オープンアプリ. It lacks support for the original proprietary extensions of ezplus. On 2011, Open Application Player was updated and renamed to "EZ-appli (J)" along EZ-appli (BREW) which became "EZ-appli (B)"

Applications were denominated "ezplus アプリ" (during the ezplus name era) and come in the form of .KJX files


EZweb-enabled phones were given the ability to run J2ME applets in July 2001. The applets, originally known as ezplus before being renamed EZ-appli (EZアプリ) in 2003 where grouped by "phases" until 2005, when KDDI switched from J2ME to competitor BREW (although a means of running J2ME applets through BREW was offered).


Name Platform(s) Version Accuracy FLOSS Active Recommended
ezplus emulator Windows 1.0 Mid ~
J2ME Loader Android 1.7.9


JL-Mod (JL fork) Android git Mid
ezplus emulator
Official development tool from KDDI, developed by Zentek.
J2ME Loader
J2ME Loader can play ezplus apps with 128x160 resolution and font option recommend is (9 - 13 - 15). Installation guid and here for tech info