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[[Category:Linux emulation software]]
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[[Category:OS X emulation software]]
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Current version: 1.9.25 (Windows, Linux)

1.9.17 (Android)

Active: Yes
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Authors: Calb, Galtor, and _Demo_
Official website: ePSXe.com
Source code: Closed source

ePSXe is a closed source, plugin-based PlayStation emulator.



ePSXe is a plugin-based PlayStation emulator (includes internals plugins for sound and CD-ROM, and GPU in Linux and Android versions). It supports multiple CD-ROM formats (bin/cue, multibin/cue, mdf/mds, ccd/bin/sub, pbp, etc), including subchannel support and PPF patching on the fly. They don't support pad plugins. Multitap up to 8 players are supported.

There are versions for Windows (free), Linux (free) & Android (pay)

A real PlayStation BIOS is recomended but not required. ePSXe can run games without an official PS1 bios (HLE). Compatibility is lower and memcards support limited. VERY IMPORTANT: Savestates done with a official PS1 bios are NOT compatible with savestates done with ePSXe HLE bios (Besides it uses a different namespace).


ePSXe uses Kaillera clients.


  • Support for up to 8 simultaneous people playing
  • No fiddling with router settings and port forwarding
  • NetPlay traffic is handled by a central dedicated server that helps keep things synched
  • Private game chat support and public chat to speak people outside your game room
  • Being able to drop out of a game at any time without disrupting (much) your teammate(s).
  • Kicking/banning/muting people from your room
  • It's a matchmaking service where you can join other people's rooms, too
  • It's slightly (significantly still) prone to freezing/crashing/BSOD (in that order)
  • Random, inconsistent FPS drops due to the server trying to keep everyone synched, sometimes stuttering. It's annoying, but rarely does it make it unplayable
  • The emulator is based upon (ePSXe 1.60, a 10 year old version) lacks ALOT of options, and incorrectly emulates several games
  • Everyone needs to have the exact same ROM version or NetPlay won't work (if it somehow does, it'll desynch rather quickly)
  • Everyone needs to have the exact same save file, or no save file at all. Else, it desynchs
  • You need to constantly switch focus back and forth between chat and emulator window in order to chat.
  • You will hear no sound while the window is unfocused.
  • The emulator is extremely sensistive and desynchs if you focus on another window, move the window around or minimize it
  • Not long after the game desynchs, the entire emulator will freeze
  • Dropping from a game or trying to exit Kaillera will freeze or crash the game
How to
  1. Unpack the emulator wherever you want.
  2. Replace the stock kailleraclient.dll inside the emulator folder with the multiplayer version (Jul-2011) IF you want to play with more than 2 players, OR you have horrible ping while using the P2P version.
  3. Replace the stock kailleraclient.dll with the P2P version (v0r7) IF you just want to play with 2 players AND you have a >100ms (>150ms tops).
  4. Place SCPH7502 (unzipped) inside the "BIOS" folder inside your emulator folder
  5. Place your video plugin, Eternal SPU and Cyberpad in the "plugins" inside your emulator folder
  6. Configure your emulator: map buttons (physical controller preferred!), change resolutions (no fullscreen supported), apply filters (if you want them). Make sure you ONLY pick Digital or Analog, no rumble on, Multitap disabled and a blank profile for Controller 2
  7. Go to Config, then click Sound
  8. Click Configure
  9. Make the following configuration changes:
  • Audio device - Wave Mapper; Buffer size: 64
  • Audio Out Method - SPUasync; Async mode: Simple
  • Misc - Show realtime config window: blank; Cache VAG decode: blank
  • Fine tune: 0; Reverb: Off
  • Special game fix - Update before accessing register: checked
  1. Click OK to close this window and again to close Config Sound
  2. Go to Config, click Netplay. A window will popup
  3. In Select Netplay Plugin, choose CyberPad 1.4, then click OK
  4. Load a game
Helpful Tips, Solutions & Common stuff you should know.
  • Useful Hotkeys
  1. F1 - Save a state.
  2. F2 - Change slot (5 slots are available).
  3. F3 - Load a state.
  4. F4 - Toggles between limited and unlimited FPS.
  5. F5 - Toggles analog on/off.
  6. F6 - Select what pad will be affected by key F5.
  7. F7 - Toggles between primary and secondary GPU plugin while playing a game.
  • To make your life easier and to save game specific configurations use the frontend ePSXeCutor.
  • GameFAQs saves are in the dexdrive format (.gme), ePSXe can read those files, just select it as a memory card. If you plan to use the files in some other emulator use MemcardRex to convert it to .mcr or any filetype that is required by that emulator.
  • To delete settings
  1. If you ever need to delete ePSXe's settings go to Start -> Run -> Type: "regedit", find and delete this key:


  1. If you need to delete the settings of plugins then delete this key:

"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Vision Thing\PSEmu Pro".

  1. If you are using Blade's plugins delete .ini files in the "configs" directory.