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Current version: 1.0
Active: ?
OS: Windows, Linux, OS X
Authors: Matt Ownby
Official website: DAPHNE
Source code: tar.bz2

DAPHNE is a multi-arcade Laserdisc emulator.



List of emulated games

List of games info

  • Goal to Go

A sports/fooball game where you must control your quarterback, receivers, and running backs to get first downs and score touchdowns. After you chose one of the on-screen pre-designed plays, you would watch the play develop and have to interact using the joystick, hands, and feet buttons at the proper moments of the play.

Directions to play.

1-Play for 1st downs against the computer by controlling player with the ball with joystick.

2-Play begins after snap.

3-Joystick begins ball-carrier movementt or changes his directions.

4-All hands off,pitches,passes & receptioons are controlled by the hand button.

5-All kicks are controlled by the Foot button.

6-All penalties or turnovers equal loss of down.

Key 5, 6 or c for coins Key 1 for 1 player Key 2 for 2 player Key F12 for screenshots (Check your directory)

left alt is feet

spacebar is hands

P for pause

T will tilt your game

Esc to quit Q to quit

left and right arrow to pick letter To put inicials on scoreboard at the end of game.

Spacebar to enter inicials.

Its playable using DAPHNE version 1.0.12 and your commandline.