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Here's a list of wikis dedicated to hosting documentation regarding console hardware and development. Useful for those interested in coding homebrew software.


NESdev (NES)

SNES Development Wiki (Super Nintendo)

MegaDrive Development Wiki (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and add-ons)

Archaic Pixels (PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16, add-ons, and PC-FX)

MSX Assembly (MSX)

SMS Power (Sega Master System, SG-1000, SC-3000, SF-7000. Game Gear)

Saturn documentation (Sega Saturn)

Nocash Playstation specifications

PS2 Developer Wiki (PlayStation 2)

GC-Forever (GameCube)

PS3 Developer Wiki (PlayStation 3)

Wiibrew (Wii)

WiiUbrew (Wii U)

xboxdevwiki (Xbox)


GBdev (Game Boy/Game Boy Color)

PlanetVB Wiki (Virtual Boy)

GBAdev (Game Boy Advance) (not really a wiki, but it was the best resource I could find)

DS Wiki Archive (Nintendo DS)

NDSTech Archive (Nintendo DS)


3Dbrew (Nintendo 3DS)


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