Comparison of Emulator Frontends

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Below is a basic comparison table for all the known multi-system front-ends for emulators. The table does not include single system front-ends (such as EmuCon, Mame Classic, Negatron, pfeMame, QMC2, etc.)

Name Creator Open Source Free (FOSS) First public release date Year of latest stable version Windows Macintosh GNU/Linux Other platforms
Atomic 'Youki' No No 2005-02-08 (v0.11) 2010-01-23 (v0.20) Yes No No No
Attract-Mode Andrew Mickelson yes[1] yes (GPLv3) 2013-11-17 (v1.0) 2018-11-14 (v2.5.1) Yes Yes Yes N/A
CabrioFE Steve Maddison yes[2] yes (GPLv2) 2009-10-26 (v0.3.0) 2011-06-24 (v0.8.2 - beta version) v0.8.1 Yes No N/A
EmuCenter 2 N/A No No N/A 2016-09-01 (v7.1.0.181) Yes No No No
Emulation Station Alec Lofquist, Eduard Strehlau yes[3][4] yes (MIT) 2013-10-26 (v1.0.0) 2014-06-12 (v1.0.2 - on original repo) Yes No Yes N/A
EmuLoader N/A yes[5] No 2007-08-27 (v5.1.6) 2018-08-31 (v8.6.6) Yes No No No
FEEL 'Sincro' No No N/A 2017-06-13 (v1.9.8.1c) Yes No No No
GameEx Tom Speirs No No N/A 2019-05-09 (v1.05) Yes No No No
HyperSpin Jonathan Habers No No N/A 2018-05-07 (v1.5.1) Yes No No Android[6]
Ice Scott Rice yes[7] yes (MIT) 2016-01-29 (v1.0.0) 2016-01-29 (v1.0.0) Yes Yes Yes N/A
Launch Box Jason Carr No No N/A N/A Yes No No No
LusSpace 'Space1' No No N/A 2016-11-08 (v1.23) Yes No No No
MaLa Stefan 'swindus' Windus, Simon 'loadman' Loader No No 2005-07-26 (v0.9.7b) 2011-03-27 (v1.74) Yes No No No
mGalaxy N/A No No 2007-02-05 (v1.0) 2019-04-?? (v7.5) Yes No No No
QuickPlay Tony 'butter100fly' Woode yes[8] yes (BSD-3) 2014-04-14 (v3.9.0) 2019-02-19 (v4.6.6) Yes N/A N/A N/A
RetroFe Don Honerbrink yes[9] yes (GPLv3) 2016-07-26 (v0.7.2-beta-1) 2019-05-26 (v0.9.0) Yes Yes To be compiled N/A
RoM-Jacket 'Jinx' yes (.bat files) No N/A N/A Yes No No No