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[https://www.rendezvo.us/snesmini/ Kernel and NAND dumps]
|'''[https://www.rendezvo.us/snesmini/ Kernel and NAND dumps]'''

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Developer(s) NERD
Latest version 2.3.0531.0
Platform(s) Linux, Windows[1]
Emulates SNES
Website nerd.nintendo.com
Source code Nintendo OSS (Partial)

Canoe is the emulator used in the SNES Classic Edition and Super Famicom Classic Mini.


Linux ARM Kernel and NAND dumps


Canoe is built for Linux, running on the ARM CPU in the SNES Classic Edition. It has 3 video option modes, Pixel Perfect (8:7 nearest neighbor), 4:3 (nearest neighbor), or a CRT filter (also 4:3). There are 4 savestate slots, and the emulator has auto-savestate/loadstate when going to and from the game launcher. It also has a rewind feature, that can go back 40-50 seconds.

Compatibility is much lower than other available SNES emulators,[2] as Canoe doesn't support all special chips. Accuracy seems to be much lower as well as it has issues with many games, including a glitch in one of the 21 games included with the SNES Classic Edition,[3] and Canoe has numerous per-game patches baked into it.


SNES Classic Version Canoe Version
v2.0.7 2.2.0426.0
v2.0.12 2.3.0529.0
v2.0.13 2.3.0531.0
v2.0.14 2.3.0531.0