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{{Infobox console
|title = Camputers Lynx
|logo = Camputers Lynx 48k (white background).jpg
|developer = Camputers
|type = [[:Category:Computers|Home computer]]
|release = 1983
|discontinued = 1984
|generation = Z80-based home computers
|emulated = {{✓}}
The '''Lynx''' was an 8-bit British home computer that was first released in early 1983.
{| class="wikitable" style="text-align:center;"
! scope="col"|Name
! scope="col"|Operating System(s)
! scope="col"|Latest Version
! scope="col"|Active
! scope="col"|[[Recommended Emulators|Recommended]]
|Windows, Linux
|[https://jynxemulator.wordpress.com/ 1.0.9]
|[http://www.russelldavis.org/CamputersLynx/PALE/ PALE]
|[http://www.russelldavis.org/CamputersLynx/PALE/index.htm 8.50]
|[http://www.mamedev.org/release.html {{MAMEVer}}]
;[[Jynx]]:Open-source Camputers Lynx emulator for Windows and Linux. Emulates the 48K/96K RAM models.
;PALE:Probably a closed-source but powerful emulator. Get Simon Owen's [http://simonowen.com/fdrawcmd/ FDRAW driver] for W2K, XP and later (Needed for real floppy support under PALE). It also has a ZX Spectrum Emulator Mode.
;[[MAME]]:The system started working in [http://wiki.mamedev.org/index.php/MAME_0.167 v0.167] (Oct 2015) and many software were supported in [http://wiki.mamedev.org/index.php/MAME_0.196 v0.196] (Mar 2018). Version [http://www.mamedev.org/?p=459 0.200] (Jul 2018) included better Camputers Lynx tape support (with lots of additions to the software list).
The Camputers Lynx was released as a 48 kB RAM model, with several reiterations adding RAM expansions up to 192 kB. This machine was unique in that it included a graphic command line and basically allowed the user possibility to read hex values when using third party software.
* [https://archive.org/details/Camputers_Lynx_TOSEC_2012_04_23 TOSEC: Camputers Lynx (2012-04-23) ]

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