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|developer = [https://github.com/tj90241 MarathonMan]
|developer = [https://github.com/tj90241 MarathonMan]
|website = [http://www.cen64.com CEN64.com]
|website = [http://www.cen64.com CEN64.com]
|source = [https://github.com/tj90241/cen64 Git]
|source = [https://github.com/tj90241/cen64 GitHub]
'''CEN64''' aims to become a cycle-accurate [[Nintendo 64 emulators|Nintendo 64]] emulator. It is still in very early development.  
'''CEN64''' aims to become a cycle-accurate [[Nintendo 64 emulators|Nintendo 64]] emulator. It is still in very early development.  

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Developer(s) MarathonMan
Latest version 0.3
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows, Linux, macOS
Emulates Nintendo 64
Website CEN64.com
Source code GitHub

CEN64 aims to become a cycle-accurate Nintendo 64 emulator. It is still in very early development.


One of the emulator's branches is based on Angrylion's MAME video implementation, which is highly accurate, although MarathonMan wants to write his own RDP in the future. The goal is to add additional full cycle accuracy.

It is rapidly progressing to a usable state and is already capable of playing many commercial ROMs with only minor issues. However, due to its extreme focus on accuracy, it will also require good hardware to play at decent speeds. It also lacks dynarec until the next core rewrite is completed. The emulator does have sound processing but not a UI yet, although there are already quite a few good unofficial frontends available (like CEN64-Qt).

CEN64 is slightly unoptimized at this point. However, there are reports of people being able to run the emulator at decent frame rates using at least an Intel i5 4670K, and the performance is getting slightly better with each release. MarathonMan is aiming for system requirements on the level of bsnes. Whether or not that's possible remains to be seen.


External links

  • gamax92's "If CEN64 ran at full speed" video series Yes, he has a Sonic fan character as his avatar. Disregard that, because his CEN64 videos are very interesting. He did a frame dump of a select number of games and put the images together into movies to show what the games would look like if there weren't any performance issues. Notice how many of the games shown are almost completely accurate to their console counterparts, save for a few hiccups. There are many parts of games shown that are notoriously difficult to emulate.