Yabause PSP Compatibility List

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Legend Class
Excellent; game is very playable with very little to no glitches. Very playable/playable
Good; game is playable with little to no glitches. Very playable/playable
Normal; game is playable with some few/very minor sound or other issues. Playable
OK; game is playable, but bugs may interfere with gameplay. Working/playable
Horrible; game is super slow/buggy/glitched up. Working/unplayable
Bad; game is unplayable. Unplayable
Terrible; game can't boot or boots but freezes sometimes. Unplayable
Untested Unknown result

Retail games[edit]

Title Region Sound Version Notes
Battle Garegga USA Very good ?? The game won't respond any to controll input. Unplayable.
Bomberman Wars USA Laggy ?? Runs slow.
Bottom of the 9th USA Bad ?? Shows stuff and audio horribly glitches.
Puyo Puyo 2 USA ?? Shows a black screen. Unusable.
Rayman USA Broken ?? Freezes progress past Ubisoft logo and audio doesn't work.
Sonic Jam USA Very good ?? Works perfectly.