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WGE was a mobile gaming engine used on mobile devices. TTPCom is now sold by Motorola.
Developer TTP Communications Ltd.
Type Mobile Gaming Engine
Generation 5th generation
Release date early-2000
Discontinued 2003
Dumped TTPCom.com

Wireless Graphics Engine (also known as WGE) was Wireless Game Engine and a micro footprint software based platform, developed by British software company TTP Communications Limited in early-2000. It was the first platform/engine to enable high quality games using 2D with 3D graphics or sound effects and melodies to be integrated.


WGE was a mobile game engine designed to support games in C++ and Java can be ported to the WGE platform and can be embedded in the handset, or securely downloaded over the air. [1] WGE does not contain a Virtual Machine and runs the compiled code. As games and applications run faster and require less memory, WGE also provides secure methods for run and download applications. Although it is a little slower than Mophun, but the several API modules make 2D and 3D programming easier (including tile management and collision detection functionalities), allow a simple access to networking functions and good sound support, among other capabilities. LG Electronics and Innostream are the first customers to use games created in the WGE environment on their phones.

TTPCom's WGE also fully supports Symbian and Microsoft Operating Systems. The Wireless Graphics Engine provides a very high level of security with a PKI application provisioning mechanism and manufacturers can enable the download of WGE games via the existing Java OTA download (JSR-118) standards.

The gaming application runs on TTPCom’s revolutionary Wireless Graphics Engine (WGE). G-WGE is one of three applications that run on the WGE platform. The other two applications are M-WGE and J-WGE. M-WGE enables handset manufacturers and developers to rapidly create better looking and more user-friendly ‘man-machine interfaces’ (MMI). J-WGE accelerates standard Java games for a considerably better user experience.

  1. WGE handles the over the air (OTA) safe download of games, security verifications (certificates) and the MMI integration of new titles via TCP/IP over GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA and 3G networks.

The Wireless Game Interface (WGI) is the core of the WGE product as it provides access to all the mobile phone resources, from the display driver to Bluetooth technology. This API offers a carefully designed interface compliant with industry standards. The interface can be addressed through dedicated objects via C++ or Java languages.

The WGI API is modular and consists of:

  • WGE 2D which handles devices, virtual devices and canvas objects
  • WGE 3D which gives access to 3D graphics
  • WGE Sound for adding music and sound effects
  • WGE Net which provides access to various network facilities
  • WGE Input allowing applications scanning for user input to be made independent of the hardware used
  • WGE System allowing access to system resources
  • WGE Download which handles OTA download, security verifications and MMI integration.


Name Platform(s) Version Accuracy FLOSS Recommended
WGE SDK Windows ? Mid TBD


WGE was a mobile gaming platform, it had cellphone based games, which have been lost over time and are extremely hard to find. All games have been lost. If you have an old mobile phones that supports WGE and has the games pre-installed, then you can dump that games somehow.


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List of WGE supported devices[edit]

Mobiles (Devices) Brand J2ME support Downloadable Pre-installed Description
B'ngo[1] TTPcom (Japan) ? ? 6 Embedded high-quality multiplayer games B'ngo (pronounced BINGO) is a console-style game player and fully-featured mobile phone with both Bluetooth and GPRS functionality.
TCL 718 TCL Mobile China Ltd.
G51 Panasonic Fillip in Savannah Adventure
i-1000 Innostream Trapped! It is the first commercially available handset with embedded WGE games.
i-2000 Innostream
i-2100 Innostream
i-188 Innostream i-188 information
INNO 30 Innostream
INNO 55 Innostream
INNO 89 Innostream
INNO 90 Innostream
  1. TTPCom's portable game machine "B'ngo (Bingo)" was announced in 2003. Compatible with C++ and Java games support (Java in high-end product and mandatory for a mobile phone designed almost exclusively to serve as a game console).
    - Novel entry key that can rotate in both directions to improve navigation through the user interface and enhance the gaming experience
    - Digital Rights Management (DRM) software to protect gaming
    - ARM7 microprocessor
    - Resolution: 176x220

List of WGE Games[edit]

There are only 22+ known games, in which 19 have been released, 2 are unknown to have been released, 1 are unreleased.

Title Release date Developer Publisher Genre(s) Note(s) Other platform(s) Ref.
Asteroids Tunafish Technologies TTPCom Ltd. Arcade
Aqua Disaster Hailstorm TTPCom Ltd. Puzzle [2]
Aqua Soccer Aqua Pacific TTPCom Ltd. Sports [3]
Battle Machine Unwired Factory TTPCom Ltd. Puzzle [4]
Batle Racers Kiloo ApS TTPCom Ltd. Racing [5]
Bomb Jack 2002 Elite Systems Ltd. TTPCom Ltd. Adventure J2ME
Classic Rally TTPCom Ltd. TTPCom Ltd. Racing [7]
Desert Tomb Hailstorm TTPCom Ltd. Maze [8]
Dragon Tale 2002 Spark Creative S.A.R.L. TTPCom Ltd. Adventure Mophun
Fillip in Savannah Adventure 2003? TTPCom Ltd. TTPCom Ltd. Platformer Pre-installed in Panasonic G51 [11]
Gryphon Racing Almost Alien TTPCom Ltd. Racing
GT Racing 2002 Spark Creative S.A.R.L. TTPCom Ltd. Racing [13]
Hugo and the Evil Mirror 2002 Interactive Television Entertainment TTPCom Ltd. Platformer GBA port Mophun [14]
Hurrican Space Fighters TTPCom Ltd. TTPCom Ltd. Shooter [15]
James Pond II TTPCom Ltd. Platformer GBA port
Progressive Pinball: The Vikings 2002 Progressive Media ApS TTPCom Ltd. Puzzle Mophun [16]
Puddle Land Tunafish Technologies TTPCom Ltd. Platformer J2ME [17]
Reflector Tunafish Technologies TTPCom Ltd. Puzzle [18]
Sheep Mania 2002 Progressive Media ApS TTPCom Ltd. Puzzle Similar to Soko-Ban J2ME
Trapped! 2002 Hailstorm TTPCom Ltd. Maze Embedded with Innostream i1000 [20]

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