WAVE Multi-Emulator

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Wave Multi-Emulator combines multiple emulators together into one Scratch project.

Wave Multi-Emulator
Developer(s) oxiti8, 52525rr, Geotale, Kouzeru, Executec
Latest version 1.0.0
Active Yes
Platform(s) Web browsers
Emulates CHIP-8 + extensions
Game Boy/Color
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo DS
Intel 8080
Accuracy System-Dependent
Programmed in Scratch
License CC BY-SA 2.0
Source code GitHub


Game Boy/Game Boy Color[edit]

  • Game Boy/Game Boy Color (rrgbc V0.10): Great GB/GBC compatibility, supports the APU. Current version found exclusively in Wave.


  • Chip-8 (WAVE-8): Supports base CHIP-8, as well as SuperChip 1.1, hires CHIP-8, XO-CHIP 1.1(full audio support), MegaChip(no audio), HyperWaveCHIP-64, and HYPERCHIP-64(no audio). Exclusive to Wave.


  • Game Boy Advance (REGBA V0.0.5): Expect little to nothing to work, especially not any retail games. Unlike the other emulators in Wave, REGBA expects ROMs to be in base-64 format. Available separately. Removed in V1.0.0.


  • Nintendo DS: Simple homebrew like TinyFB runs, main issue is actually memory constraints. Doesn’t play any retail games. Available separately.


  • Nintendo Entertainment System (Cool NES 2.4): Compatibility is the same as CoolNES 2.4. Available separately.


  • Bytepusher (1s1s BP): Limited to 200KB of memory due to the Scratch list limit, runs fine with 16MB of ram in Turbowarp. Available separately.


  • Space Invaders (SI8080 V1.0.1): Passes all cpu tests except 8080EXER/EXM. Plays Space Invaders with minor artifacting.

Converting Roms[edit]

  • Scratch does not allow you to upload files directly during runtime, so you have to convert the desired rom to either a hexadecimal or Base-64 format string depending on the emulator.