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I am the one who fixes the 2019-like info in this wiki and also responsible for expanding articles.

Games I played on emulators[edit]


Super Mario Odyssey (I made a video of the emulator running with Cap Kingdom in March 2022)
Super Mario Maker 2
Sonic Mania
Celeste (probaly the hardest Switch games I played)
Super Crush KO
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD
We are Doomed


Nintendo Land (tested on 1.26.2f)
Super Mario Maker (Runs like original Wii U, first tested on version 1.26.0?)
Mario Kart 8 (first tested on 1.25.6, runs like actual Wii U console)
Super Mario 3D World (a game which I loved back in 2019, first tested on 1.25.6)


Wii U Menu (first tested on 1.20? on Intel Core i7 Skylake and GTX 980?, crashed on machine 1)
Mii maker (first tested on 1.20?, crashed on PC attempting to run Wii U menu)


Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty (first tested on 0.21, the ingame status is a lie since it's playable now)
Sonic Generations (RPCS3, I'm dissapointed in you for ruining this game as it crashes before I can play any level now.)
Minecraft - PS3 Edition (WHo needs the Java edition when you can use RPCS3?),
LittleBigplanet 3 (0.21 crashes the game whenever Sackboy jumps into the map, never had this issue before)
LittleBigPlanet (Works great on both my 8-core M1 and my 8-core i7 10th gen, outside of graphicsl issues
Sound Shapes (No problem with both my machines)