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Should this page be re-titled 'ZX Spectrum' emulators? MarkyVigoroth (talk) 11:57, 4 March 2016 (EST)


Why is this emulator recommended elswhere but not here?

Not only United Kingdom[edit]

ZX Spectrum, thanks to its low price, was well knowed in many counties like Germany and West Europe, communist East (DDR, Poland) and after collapse of USRR even in Russia. So statment about popularity only in UK is unfair.

In fact many articles in this wiki adopts american perspective. For example NES, pretty unknown outside US and Japan have much bigger attention than 8-bit computers, extremaly popular in Europe and well knowns in US.

ZX Spectrum Next[edit]

For those not aware, the Next is a modern successor to the ZX Spectrum line, and is supported by some but not all of the emulators listed here. Would it be okay to add info about emulating it to this page? Arcorann (talk) 11:52, 7 September 2020 (UTC)


MAME's emulation has bettered enough through 2022 to support scanline timing tricks, which was one of the few video things it failed at previously. The Ringo part of David 'mamehaze' Haywood's talks through and shows such changes. It may be worth assessing bumping its recommended status up a level or so, as apparently its only major hole is +3 disc drive emulation.