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Nuon emulator

Actually, Nuance can be downloaded from here: Nuance. It "kinda" works, but slowly. The only Nuon dump avaliable is Tempest 3000.

qualifications to be added here?[edit]

The Intec Interact console, a shitty Wii imitation, is missing from here. Dosnt look like an emulator exists or is in the works. Not a lot of info on it with it mostly being thanks to Projared's review of it. [1] Dosnt even have a wikipedia article but does have an article on the CrappyGames wiki. Maybe adding it here would garner interest in emulating it?

Zippity High-Energy Learning System[edit]

The Zippity is a strange edutainment device from Leapfrog. Its controller is a large mat and the "bopper", which is just a giant joystick. ROMs are available and it has preliminary support in MAME.

Not really a gaming device so I can't include it. - WebMint (talk) 01:59, 18 March 2022 (UTC)

J.cock Z400S[edit]

Some info gathered from Techmoan's YouTube video about the J.cock Z440S: Had at least one game cartridge called "Poker Wave" (demonstrated in the video). May be related to or modified from a PC Engine / Supergrafx / NEC Turbo Express system board. Due to it being a Japanese handheld gambling machine, the manufacturer and sales data may never be recovered. :01:02, 6 April 2022 (UTC)