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ElysianVMU2 Prerelease[edit]

Hey guys, there's just no way in hell the stuff you're saying about my emulator isn't from an old build. I've personally tested it against SoftVMS and every other emulator mentioned, and it has the highest compatibility and is used by the majority of the big developers in the VMU scene... I wanted to give you guys a prerelease build of the upcoming EVMU2 which should be 100x better than whatever ancient thing is on the site... It also has a myriad of filesystem and debugger tools as well as just emulating standalone GAME mode.

Anyway, not even sure how to go about that or if the emulators themselves even get hosted here. I sure as hell don't want to go edit the entry about my own emulator, because that's lame and I want to earn whatever is said about it. :)

Anyway, here's the build: