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It can run FFX. Does that count as a "2D" or "simple" game? Also, I think it works on macOS, and there's an Android port in consideration somewhat, among other platforms. Perhaps this article should be expanded/corrected more?

FFX was one of the first 3D games running on PCSX2, and runs on low-end toasters nowadays, so I'd say it's a simple game, yeah. As for macOS: the build file hasn't been updated in a year, I can't find any builds, and the site says PlayStation 2 emulator for the Win32 platform. If you can find a build/build it on macOS, then put up a download link and change the infobox.
But yeah, this article should be expanded on if you got more info. --SonofUgly (talk) 17:31, 28 July 2014 (EDT)

It's no longer limited to the Win32 platform, and the website hasn't been updated in over four years, with regards to its platform support. Play! has 64-bit builds for Windows too, I think, and it can be compiled for macOS as well as Android too. I don't think anyone has compiled and released any official builds yet that can be tested by the general public (of macOS or Android), but the developer says he will soon get working on that, so macOS and Android builds could be officially released by him soon. When that's done, or if there's an unofficial release somewhere, platform support can be updated if there's evidence that the macOS version can run games (I think it's too early to bother highlighting the Android port).