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Change to table format?[edit]

Think we really need to change the information under each company/brand name on the official page to a simple table format. Coz, the page is getting too long, just too much blank spacings between lines of text/fonts & whatnot. I mean, just look at Irem's list alone (Mostly just 1980's-early 1990's fare). I think it's for the best... ObiKKa (talk) 12:20, 14 December 2018 (EST)

+1 and a big rewrite to remove Mooch's words. --LilShootDawg (talk) 12:45, 14 December 2018 (EST)

Table template[edit]

2020, July 06 - Just experimenting with an ideal table template. I had this idea in my head for a year or more. They can be inserted under each major company/brand and also in "Other" sections. This can also be copied into several other pages with modifications. ObiKKa (talk) 04:23, 6 July 2020 (UTC)

Do each edit in 3-4 steps per company/category so editors are less stressed and can relax and enjoy ;):

1) Add table and names.
2) Add production dates of games, then rearrange in ascending order; plus compat status - start with default cross symbol first.
3) Add notes with MAME driver links & type notable game examples. Update compat bars too.
4) Research availability of machine support in alternative emulators and FPGA cores like the MiSTer FPGA if you want to bother. Good luck.


Name Production Dates Compatibility Notes (And examples) Other emulators FPGA (Eg. Also in MiSTer FPGA)
Arcade Cabinets
Machine 1 ~ Preliminary support for few games; most others don't work. Yes
Machine 2 All 6 games work fine. Notable games: That special Star Wars game.
Machine 3 Skeletal driver.
Machine 4
Machine 5
Additional/different machines (Eg. consoles, computers)
Aux-Machine 1 ~ Some Commodore models work. Others not supported yet. ~
Aux-Machine 2
No drivers (Not in MAME yet)
Machine 1 N/A ~
Machine 2 N/A

Additional Research[edit]

Unfortunately, in early September 2020, one regular editor removed the large list of arcade system board names in a Wikipedia page and instead redirected it to a sector in a simple description-focused page on arcade games. Compare to old page - take all the useful information from there and refactor the page. This wikipedia category tags page is more basic - this wiki's page should be better one day.

This blog from arcade PCBs collector Corrado Tomaselli, AKA Kold666, a member of the Italian Dumping Team, has a long list of companies that made arcade games and other electronic machines on the right-side pane. It could be useful to research the lesser known names and find out more about their systems and add to the page.