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This is a good video detailing the importance of accuracy in emulators. Don't know how to integrate it in the article well, so I'll just leave it here:

I think we should seriously reconsider the classification system for accuracy on this wiki. Classifying an emulator under "Cycle" in the accuracy column can be misleading, as it is by no means perfect, although I still think that should be a factor in determining how accurate an emulator is. I'm not exactly sure of a good solution to this, as marketing has lead people to believe that "cycle accurate" or "FPGA" means perfect. This issue of classification recently came up when trying to classify CLK's 2600 emulation accuracy. While CLK's 2600 emulation is cycle accurate, it still has quite a few accuracy issues, meaning the emulator should have the classification "Mid."

As the author of CLK, I agree entirely. Being a cycle-timed emulator just means that your implementation has avoided a particular pitfall, not that it necessarily has worth. The meaning of accuracy promoted by this page seems to be more about establishing genotypes than creating appropriate user expectations. It's also troubling as an author as you want to be able to say 'my emulator seeks to be cycle accurate' to explain that you are being properly conscientious, but you often end up sounding like you're making promises you can't keep because the meaning gets conflated. — Tommy (talk) 10:11, 6 March 2018 (EST)

DICE section slightly outdated[edit]

Should be updated considering at least MAME now emulates a few of these games, see