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Since this page keeps changing Ive made a survey to see what would be most preferred[1] Results are here [2]

Next time use a survey site that limits votes to 1 per IP address. --SonofUgly (talk) 02:04, 28 December 2014 (EST)

Quick question. If I get a SCART to Component transcoder (CSY-2100 clone), can I get my PC to output a double-strike 240p signal to my NTSC Trinitron? For the VGA to SCART cable, I'm going to build a sync combiner with some schmatics I found online. I'm using GNU/Linux, and I know my PC can output the 240p 15KHz signal just fine with no special drivers required, as my CRT monitor reports (out of range, but it tells me the HFreq and VFreq).

A transcoder does not do any scaling to the signal, only converts the color space from RGB to YPbPr. If your video hardware is able to output 15KHz, an NTSC TV should be able to sync to the component signal as long as the timings on the modeline are close to the NTSC standard. The best place to ask questions about this is on the /vr/ CRT General threads. Monroe88 (talk) 23:17, 25 August 2015 (EDT)
OK. I just bought it. I will edit the page to include info about transcoders outputting 240p to TVs if it works.

It might be worth it to add an OLED section (relating to TVs, since OLED monitors aren't really a thing yet). Opinions? --Syboxez