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Should this page have a general summary of the state of emulation for this console, a la the NES/Famicom page? The thought is to standardize the amount of material (without including less, of course) present on the console-specific pages, so that we don't end up with reams of information on some and a one-sentence description on others.

Goi~Yaas~Dinn (talk)

I would very much appreciate more information for the 2600 emulation scene.

I think for every page, all of the important information (best emulator(s) for that system, the comparison below that, any major problems below that) should be at the top, as is the current format, then any additional information should be below that ranked in order of importance.

The only (very big) problem with having a lot of information on each page is the effort needed to get the information there to begin with. The only real way to start is to do one console at a time.

Syboxez (talk)

Panthenon version is 8.042 now.[edit]

Please update that.