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Developer(s) spinedev
Latest version 20220517 [+]
Active No
Platform(s) Linux
Architecture(s) x86_64
Emulates PlayStation 4
Compatibility List (September 2021)
License Proprietary

Spine is a compatibility layer developed for Linux that allows PlayStation 4 games to work. The project was largely developed in private by a single developer, spinedev.


Linux Official releases


Spine's first public demo was the first to launch commercial games. More builds have since been released which supports many more commercial titles. Its authenticity was verified by AlexAltea, an early contributor to RPCS3 and maintainer of Orbital.[1] Has stopped development.


  1. AlexAltea on Reddit. "I've analyzed the Spine demo in IDA Pro (reverse engineering tool), and everything checks out. It's obviously a very early release, lots of unimplemented parts, but it's real. More importantly, we have tested it locally, and it works."