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Developer(s) Dudejoe870
Latest version N/A
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows, Linux, macOS (All uncertain)
Emulates Nintendo 64
Programmed in C#
Source code GitHub

Ryu64 is an open-source Nintendo 64 emulator written in C#. It is in very early development. Its original author once dabbled briefly in development of Ryujinx and a related accessory.


The 'Ryu' word derives from the RyuJIT which is what .NET uses to run applications built in both Visual Basic and C#, . But it might have been inspired by the lead author's sole (so far) commit at Switch emulator, Ryujinx's Git repository and his deprecated Ryujinx Auto Updater tool. 86RYU, a x86 JIT compiler, is being developed alongside this emulator too, likely intended to boost performance in games. The first commit was made on September 16, 2018.

Quite why this "yet another" N64 emulator is needed as, when it started, there were two nearly complete software (PJ64 & M64+) and another two at a very mature or slowly maturing stages (RetroArch & CEN64), nobody but the author knows. However, he can be reached over at the official Discord channel (See External Links).

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