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"...So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay."

- Robert Frost (1874-1963)

Over the years, technology has been constantly evolving. What was considered "new" or "innovating" can slowly become "outdated" or "useless" to some people. Whether it be that product X comes out and replaces product Y, company B buys company A and decides to remove their existing products, or a company decides it's unprofitable to continue maintaining support for legacy products, all things are at risk of disappearing someday. Because of this, many people have decided to take it upon themselves to preserve what others would consider to be not as important. In some way, emulation has a major role for preserving software in general (what's the point of archiving a bunch of old games if you have no way of playing them!).

Preservation projects[edit]

Name Platform(s) Latest version Active Recommended Preserves the following software
eXoDOS Windows 5.0 DOS games
eXoWin3x Windows 2.0 Windows 3x games
Retro Learning Pack Windows MS-DOS & Windows 3.1 educational software
eXoScummVM Windows ScummVM games
eXoAppleIIGS Windows 1.0 Apple IIGS games & apps
Flashpoint Windows 11.1 "Operation Cherry Blossom" Flash and other web games
instance_archive(); Windows 16/11/2019 GameMaker games.
Kahvibreak Windows
1.6 J2ME games
hShop Online N/A The ultimate 3DS content website
Myrient Online N/A A reenvisioning of video game preservation
GameTDB Online N/A Box art for GCN, NDS, 3DS, Wii, Wii U, and PS3
Archiverse Online N/A Nintendo's Miiverse
MarioCube Online N/A Rare files for Wii/GCN. WiiWare/Virtual Console WADs from Wii Shop Channel
Redump Online N/A Database of checksums for disc-based games
TOSEC Online N/A Database of checksums for disc- and cartridge-based games
No-Intro Online N/A Database of checksums for cartridge-based games

Private Servers[edit]

Online functionality is something most at risk of disappearing. After a while, the cost of maintaining and hosting a server for an older product can seem too much of a hassle for a company to deal with, causing them to shut it down. MMOs are especially at risk as the entirety of the game is based around online. If the game has no way of allowing the user to host their own server then once the service ends, so does the game. This will especially be a problem in the distant future as more and more games become more dependent on online services. Even if initial interest has dead off, there will still be a surprising amounts of fans who will want to keep it alive by collaborating together and creating their own functioning server.

Name Platform(s) Active Recommended Preserves the following service
Goldberg Emulator PC, Steam Steam's online features (use multiplayer over LAN)
RiiConnect24 Wii WiiConnect24
Wiimmfi Wii, DS Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
Sudomemo 3DS, DSi, Online Flipnote Hatena
Pretendo 3DS, Wii U WIP Nintendo Network
RPCN PS3 WIP Playstation Network
Ultima Windows Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst
Ephinea Windows Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst
Schthack PSO Windows, GCN, Dreamcast Phantasy Star Online (various)
Sylverant Windows, GCN, Dreamcast Phantasy Star Online (various)
The Archstones PS3 Demons Souls
Destination Home PS3 WIP Playstation Home and Sony Medius Servers