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The Sony PocketStation
PocketStation is a memory card peripheral for the Playstation 1 that was only released in Japan. Software for the PocketStation was typically distributed as extras for PlayStation games, included in the CD-ROM, enhancing the games with added features. Stand-alone software could also be downloaded through the PlayStation console. The software is then transferred to the PocketStation for use. A built-in infrared data interface allows direct transfer of data such as game saves between PocketStation units, as well as multiplayer gaming. A total of 60 PS1 games were compatible with the PocketStation.
Name Operating System(s) Latest Version Accuracy Recommended
MESS Multi-platform 0.190 ? ?
PK201 Windows, Android 16/01/20 Build ? ?
PKEmu Windows 1.1 Private Beta ? ?

BIOS and emulation[edit]

According to nocash there are currently two known version of PocketStation's kernel:

Version CRC32 Recommended
061 5FB47DD8
110 09881F33
  • Version 061, distributed with PKEmu as kernel.bin, is possibly from prototype hardware, explaining its incompatibility with certain games, no matter of the emulator used, and is generally not recommended.
  • Also mentioned as "J110", this BIOS comes with all retail PocketStations (both white and transparent/crystal variants), and should provide full compatibility for all software on any emulator. DrHell recommends dumping the BIOS and using that, with the PocketStation BIOS Tool by Orion_. Sadly, a dump of this version is yet to surface online.