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These are emulators that are officially created by Sony Corporation.

Emulators on PS2[edit]

PlayStation One Portable Station (SLBB-00001):

PS1 emulator for PS2 internal and USB HDD. Install POPStarter on FreeMcBoot to use. Developed by SCEI, it was published by KOEI as DLC for BB Unit owners, and came with (and locked to only play) the game ビシバシスペシャル3.[1]

Compatibility Lists:

Emulators on PSP[edit]

PlayStation One Portable Station (POPS):

PS1 emulator for PSP, for playing PS1 Classics off PS Store. Use POPSLoader with CFW to use.

Emulators on PlayStation 3[edit]


Emulator Release Use
ps1_emu FW 1.00 Emulator for running PS1 discs.
ps1_netemu FW 1.70 Emulator for PS1 Classic downloads off PS Store.
ps1_newemu FW 2.10 ???

Compatibility Lists:

  • Official lists: JP

PlayStation 2[edit]

Emulator Release Use
ps2_emu FW 1.00 For CECHA and CECHB, doesn't emulate Emotion Engine or Graphics Synthesizer.
ps2_gxemu FW 1.50 For models CECHC and CECHE, doesn't emulate Graphics Synthesizer.
ps2_softemu FW 1.90 First iteration of full software emulator - deprecated.[citation needed]
ps2_netemu ? Emulator for PS2 Classics downloads off PS Store and CFW.

Compatibility Lists:



Emulator Release Use
psp_emulator FW 3.15 For playing games off of PS Store, and 'HD Remakes' of PSP games.
psp_translator FW 3.15 ???

Compatibly Lists:

Emulators on Vita[edit]

PSP mode. You can also run PSP version of POPS through this using VHBL and POPSLoader.

PlayStation One Portable Station (POPS-Vita):

PS1 emulator for Vita, for playing PS1 Classics off PS Store. This seems to be a port of PSP's POPS loader, even using some POPS modules with PSP mode.[2]


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