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Developer(s) drk//Raziel (skmp), xiro and hlide.
Latest version 1.2.1
Active Yes
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable
Emulates DreamCast
Accuracy Medium-Accurate
Website nulldce-psp
Programmed in C++, C
Source code GitHub
BIOS/Keys Required for DC

nullDC-PSP is a free and open-source DreamCast emulator for PlayStation Portable. It's written in C++. This is an experimental and beta stage and many games are playable but low fps. Sound is not yet emulated.


nullDC is a currently in an experimental and beta stage. The emulator was originally developed in 2008. The source code was lost for many years; it was published on GitHub in the mid-2010s, nullDCe, a precursor to Reicast. PSP port might still compile. A fork from the nullDC-mainline somewhere in late 2008, with hackports to PSP, Wii, PS3, etc. This is here for archival reasons. Project eventually morphed to reicast, It was compiled and restored by xiro and hlide in 2021.


  • GDI support
  • Doesn't support sound
  • DC CPU Downclock
  • Underclock AICA
  • AICA Hack
  • New XMB UI (Blue)
  • Run with Interpreter


PSP 1.2.1


  • Almost every Dreamcast games boots (2D games run with best speed but 3D games doesn't reach best speed).
  • nullDC-PSP is only compatible with 'slim' models (PSP-2000 and above). It will not boot on the original PSP-1000.


DreamCast BIOS files are Required in the nullDC/data folder :

  • dc_boot.bin
  • dc_flash.bin

Game Files[edit]

Only games in the .gdi format are supported for now. Place the files for each individual game within a separate folder, and move the folder to nullDC-PSP\discs. The list of available games will then appear when you boot the emulator.



Pac.png Vf.png
Xx.png Sa.png


Idle time can be adjusted with the L / R buttons.

To start the Dreamcast BIOS, press triangle as the emulator is booting.

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