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N-Gage logo.png
N-Gage 1.png
Developer Nokia
Type Hybrid video game console
Generation 5th generation
Release date 7 October 2003 (Original Model)
26 May 2004 (QD)
Discontinued 24 February 2006
Successor N-Gage 2.0
Dumped www.n-gage.com

N-Gage (later re-released as N-Gage QD) was a mobile phone and a handheld game console developed and designed by Nokia Corporation. It runs the original Series 60 platform on Symbian OS S60v1 (Symbian OS v6.1) with Java MIDP applications and unofficially the games were adapted to several other models, such as the Nokia 6600 or the Nokia 6630. Games in MMC Card format were sold for the platform, and towards the end, games were available for download to your own MMC.


Name Platform(s) Version Accuracy Retro
FLOSS Active Recommended
N-Gage SDK Windows High
EKA2L1 Windows Linux macOS Android git Mid
It can currently emulate the N-Gage. Almost all games run without any problem.
On March 18th, 2023, Bent, lead programmer and founder of the EKA2L1 project, announced that development of the emulator will be significantly reduced as they focus more on their personal life. More frequent updates would require new developers to come in and help out.


- Symbian OS S60v1 support

- J2ME S60v1 support

- Multiplayer via Bluetooth and N-Gage Arena (Arena was discontinued)

- MP3 supported

- Real Audio/Video playback

- PDA features

- 3D support

- Connectivity: HSCSD, GPRS, Bluetooth

- Online services: N-Gage Arena

- 3.4MB Internal Memory

- USB connectivity


Originally announced on 4 November 2002 and released on 7 October 2003. 'N-Gage QD' introduced in 26 March 2004 as a redesign of the original "N-Gage Classic", fixing widely criticized issues and design problems of the original model. It has a size of 2.1' and a resolution of 178x208, which is the common size and resolution for Symbian S60 phones at the time until early 2006. 'N-Gage' was discontinued in February 2006, with Nokia moving its gaming capabilities onto selected Series 60 smartphones. 'N-Gage 2.0' was announced in 2007.

N-Gage Arena[edit]

Main article: Early_Online_Services#Arena_.28N-Gage.29

N-Gage 2.0 vs N-Gage[edit]

N-Gage 2.0 games run on Symbian Series 60 OS 9. The original N-Gage games run on Symbian Series 60 OS 6. Aside from the fact that the original N-gage and QD models aren't powerful enough (CPU, RAM, Storage etc.), later symbian apps are not backwards compatible with earlier versions. If you try installing even an OS 7 app to an N-Gage or QD model, you'll get an error, or at best it may install the app but not run. They simply require services, processes. features, etc. which do not exist on OS6 phones (nor on OS 7 or OS 8 models) - not to speak of the fact that there will likely be coding differences.


How to play[edit]

1). Go to Nokia N-Gage> Nokia N-Gage & N-Gage QD (S60v1)> data> roms> NEM-4/RH-29> SYM.ROM. Install it and restart the emulator

2a). If your game is already extracted (has a file structure of System>Apps>game_name) copy the entire System folder and paste it in this path of the emulator: \data\drives\e\

3a). Replace everything if asked. Usually once you are done the system folder will contain apps, libs and programs directories. If you don't have "e" drive by default, just create it yourself. The game folder should be inside of Apps

2b). If your game is in a ".blz" format, go to File> Install> Package and install "BLZinstapp". Close the emulator and put the .blz file here: \data\drives\e\

3b). Open the emulator again, click on BLZinstapp application, click Option and Install. Once that's done restart the emulator again

2c). If your game requires to be booted by using the MMC ID (like Civilization), go to the emulators root folder, open "config.yml" and add the ID after mmc-id:

3c). Go to File> Mount Card Game Dump> and select your game

4). Run the emulator and your game should be there with or without an icon.

BLZinstapp compatible models[edit]

Platform(s) Devices / Models Description
Nokia N-Gage Classic
N-Gage QD
Siemens SX1 S60v1
Panasonic X700

.blz games![edit]

blz version by team blizzard - early released games of N-Gage.

  • FIFA Football 2004
  • MLB Slam!
  • Moto GP
  • Pandemonium!
  • Puyo Pop
  • Puzzle Bobble VS
  • Red Faction
  • SonicN
  • Super Monkey Ball
  • Taito Memories
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
  • Tomb Raider Starring Lara Croft
  • Virtua Tennis

List of N-Gage Games[edit]

N-Gage Classic Games
Title Release date Developer Publisher Genre(s) Note / Source(s) Download
Ashen 25 May 2004 Torus Games Pty. Ltd. Nokia First-person shooter [1] [
Asphalt: Urban GT 15 November 2004 Gameloft Divertissements Inc. Nokia Racing [2] [
Asphalt: Urban GT 2 6 December 2005 Gameloft Divertissements Inc. Gameloft S.A Racing [3] [
Atari Masterpieces Vol. I 13 October 2005 Digital Eclipse Software, Inc. Atari Interactive, Inc. Compilation [4] [
Atari Masterpieces Vol. II 30 March 2006 Digital Eclipse Software, Inc. Atari Interactive, Inc. Compilation [5] [
Barakel: The Fallen Angel 2004 StormBASIC Games Nokia, Technobubble Entertainment Hack and slash [6] [
Bomberman 4 July 2004 Hudson Soft Company, Ltd. Hudson Soft Company, Ltd. Arcade, Maze, Strategy [7] [
Call of Duty 10 November 2004 OmegaSoft Activision, Nokia First-person shooter [8] [
Catan 10 October 2005 thinkArts Co.,Ltd. Capcom Entertainment, Inc. Co.,Ltd. (Produced by SUZAK Inc.) Board, Strategy [9] [
Civilization 24 February 2006 Gryphondale Studios Atari Interactive, Inc. Turn-based strategy [10] [
Colin McRae Rally 2005 5 November 2004 Ideaworks3D, Ltd. Codemasters Racing [11] [
Crash Nitro Kart 30 June 2004 Vicarious Visions, Inc. Vivendi Universal Games, Inc. Racing [12] [
FIFA Football 2004 24 December 2003 Electronic Arts Canada, Exient Entertainment Electronic Arts, Inc. Sports [13] [
FIFA Football 2005 27 October 2004 Electronic Arts Canada, Exient Entertainment Electronic Arts, Inc. Sports [14] [
Flo-Boarding 7 October 2003 Housemarque Ltd. Nokia Sports [15] [
Glimmerati 7 July 2005 Bugbear Entertainment Oy Nokia Racing [16] [
High Seize 13 October 2005 RedLynx Ltd Nokia Turn-based tactics [17] [
Marcel Desailly Pro Soccer 10 May 2004 G Artist, Gameloft S.A. Gameloft S.A. Sports [18] [
Mile High Pinball 1 October 2005 Bonus.com, Ideaworks3D, Ltd. Nokia Pinball [19] [
MLB Slam! 31 October 2003 Hexacto Games Inc. Jack of All Games, THQ Wireless Inc. Sports [20] [
MotoGP 14 November 2003 Cybiko, Inc. THQ Wireless Inc., Nokia Racing [21] [
NCAA Football 2004 10 December 2003 Exient Entertainment Jack Of All Games, Electronic Arts, Inc. Sports [22] [
N-Gage Freestyle 2005 StormBASIC Games Nokia, Technobubble Entertainment Extreme sports [23] [
ONE 13 October 2005 Digital Legends Entertainment S.L. Nokia Fighting [24] [
Operation Shadow 29 September 2004 Torus Games Pty. Ltd. Nokia Action-adventure [25] [
Pandemonium! 6 October 2003 Ideaworks3D, Ltd., Toys for Bob Inc. Eidos Interactive, Inc. Platformer [26] [
Pathway to Glory 24 November 2004 RedLynx Ltd Nokia Turn-based tactics [27] [
Pathway to Glory: Ikusa Islands 8 November 2005 RedLynx Ltd Nokia Turn-based tactics [28] [
Payload 14 November 2005 Tantalus Interactive Pty. Ltd. Nokia Action, Vehicular combat [29] [
Pocket Kingdom: Own the World 24 November 2004 io-Spiral (Produced by SEGA Corporation) Nokia MMORPG [30] [
Pool Friction 2005 StormBASIC Games Nokia, Technobubble Entertainment Sports [31] [
Puyo Pop 6 October 2003 Lavastorm Engineering, Inc. SEGA Mobile Puzzle [32] [
Puzzle Bobble VS 10 October 2003 Taito Corporation Jack Of All Games, Nokia Puzzle [33] [
Rayman 3 11 December 2003 Gameloft Divertissements Inc. Gameloft S.A., Nokia (Licensed by Ubisoft Entertainment SA) Platformer [34] [
Red Faction 10 December 2003 Monkeystone Games THQ Wireless Inc. First-person shooter [35] [
Requiem of Hell 22 November 2004 Digital-Red Mobile Software Co., Ltd. Nokia RPG [36] [
Rifts: Promise of Power 1 October 2005 Backbone Entertainment Nokia Tactical RPG [37] [
Sega Rally Championship 1 January 2004 SEGA Corporation Hitmaker, Nokia Racing [38] [
Snakes 25 January 2005 Infospace Games - IOMO studio Nokia Arcade, Maze [39] [
SonicN (Sonic Advance port) 7 October 2003 Dimps, SONICTEAM, Ltd. SEGA of America, Inc. Platformer [40] [
Space Impact Evolution X 1 October 2003 Nokia Nokia Shoot 'em up [41] [
Spider-Man 2 2 July 2004 Backbone Entertainment, Digital Eclipse Software, Inc. Activision Publishing, Inc. Action-adventure [42] [
SSX: Out of Bounds 19 January 2005 Exient Entertainment, Electronic Arts Canada Electronic Arts, Inc. Snowboarding [43] [
Super Monkey Ball Jr. 6 October 2003 SEGA, Realism, H.I.C. Co., Ltd. SEGA of America, Inc. Platformer [44] [
System Rush 20 September 2005 Ideaworks3D, Ltd. Nokia Racing [45] [
TechWars 2005 StormBASIC Games Nokia, Technobubble Entertainment Action [46] [
The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey 11 November 2004 TKO Software, Inc., Vir2L Studios Inc. Bethesda Softworks, Nokia, Vir2L Studios Inc. Action, RPG [47] [
The King of Fighters: Extreme 12 January 2005 Hudson Soft Company, Ltd. SNK Playmore, Nokia Fighting [48] [
The Roots: Gates of Chaos 15 August 2005 P.S. ASSA - Tannhasuer Gate Sp. z o.o. Cenega Publishing, s.r.o., Nokia Action, RPG [49] [
The Sims: Bustin' Out 10 May 2004 Ideaworks3D, Ltd., Maxis Software Inc. Electronic Arts, Inc. Simulation [50] [
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 24 June 2004 Digital Eclipse Software, Inc. Electronic Arts, Inc. Sports [51] [
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm 10 August 2004 Gameloft Divertissements Inc. Gameloft S.A. (Licensed by Ubisoft Entertainment SA) Tactical shooter [52] [
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 23 March 2005 Gameloft Divertissements Inc. Gameloft S.A. (Licensed by Ubisoft Entertainment SA) Stealth [53] [
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Team Stealth Action 5 December 2003 Gameloft Romania SRL Gameloft S.A. (Licensed by Ubisoft Entertainment SA) Stealth [54] [
Tomb Raider 6 October 2003 Core Design Ltd. Eidos Interactive Limited (Ported by Ideaworks3D, Ltd.) Action-adventure, Puzzle-platformer [55] [
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 10 October 2003 Neversoft Entertainment, Inc. Activision Publishing, Inc. (Ported by Ideaworks3D, Ltd.) Extreme sports [56] [
Virtua Tennis 14 December 2003 Hitmaker SEGA of America, Inc., SEGA Europe Ltd. Sports [57] [
Warhammer 40,000: Glory in Death 6 April 2006 Razorback Developments Ltd THQ Wireless Inc. (Licensed by Games Workshop Ltd.) Turn-based strategy [58] [
Worms World Party 15 April 2005 Paragon 5, Team17 Software Limited THQ Wireless Inc. (Ported by Codeglue B.V., Synergenix Interactive AB, Two Tribes Publishing B.V.) Artillery, Strategy [59] [
WWE Aftershock 11 July 2005 Exient Entertainment THQ Wireless Inc. (Licensed by JAKKS Pacific, Inc) Fighting, Sports, Wrestling [60] [
X-Men: Legends 1 January 2005 Barking Lizards Technologies L.L.C. Activision Publishing, Inc. Action, RPG [61] [
X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse 27 October 2005 Barking Lizards Technologies L.L.C. Activision Publishing, Inc. Action, RPG [62] [
Xanadu Next 20 June 2005 Nihon Falcom Corp., ScriptArts Co., Ltd. Nokia, Nihon Falcom Corp. Action, RPG [63] [

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