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Mophun™ was a computing platform used to run portable code on embedded and mobile devices. It was designed by Synergenix Interactive AB (Synergenix was established in 1999, Sweden. It was acquired by Kayak Interactive on Feb 11, 2005). Mophun games are developed in the C and C++ languages using an open source SDK.
Developer Synergenix Interactive AB
Type Cellphone
Mobile Gaming Engine
Generation 5th generation
Release date 2002 (late-1999)
Discontinued early-2004
Successor Mophun 3D

Mophun (distorted by more fun) was a mobile gaming platform/engine, developed by Swedish company Synergenix Interactive AB. Its development began in late 1999, and released in 2002. The Sony Ericsson mobile phones including T300, T310 and T610, are the best known devices for running mophun. Its supports high performance downloadable C and C++ mophun games. Sony Ericsson decided to drop mophun in 2003.


Name Platform(s) 2D 3D Version FLOSS Accuracy Compatible (%) Active Recommended
Mophun Emulator
(Official emulator)

Android macOS Linux Linux ARM FreeBSD [1]

~ 2.5.4 Alpha 2
2.5.4 (special for Hitman)
Mid 70%
(Tuxality mod)
Mophun Games Launcher Symbian

Android Windows macOS Linux [2]


1.01 signed
N-Series (Russian)
N90 Edition
v2008 unsigned
1.0.4 unsigned
6.011 mod by zg [3]
Mid 99%
4Mophun Windows Mobile

Windows [4]

1.1 Mid 95%
Mophun 3D SDK Windows ? ? TBD
Mophun SDK Windows 2.5
Mid 50% ~
MoRePhun Windows git
(Source only)
Low 5% ~
Mophun ActiveX Control Web ~ 1.0 Low 5%
  1. Possible to run the official Mophun Emulator on macOS, Linux and Android through Wine
  2. Run Mophun Games Launcher on Windows, macOS, Linux and Android through EKA2L1
  3. Supports mophun 2D (limited) and 3D (full) games.
  4. Possible to run 4mophun on Windows through Microsoft's Device Emulator with Image
Mophun Games Launcher
Only compatible with 13 games, all of which use the 3D engine and were released for Symbian (S60 and UIQ devices). Support 176x208, 240x320 and 352x416 resolutions.
Does not work with games that are locked (e.g. have a predefined IMEI recognition algorithm) or do not use the 3D engine.
Mophun Emulator
An official emulator, taken from Mophun SDK. It was created by Synergenix Interactive AB. As such, encrypted or compressed games do not boot. However, this has been worked around, both by decrypting the files and decompressing them (except for compressed resources), and modifying the emulator to perform decryption on the fly, albeit only when opening them via the Open menu.
An unofficial mod created by Tuxality, boots encrypted games without the need to decrypt them first by decrypting them on the fly. It can play both 2D and 3D based games, with limitations but not all 3D games, such as The Da Vinci Code 3D (except 1.0.1, other versions require vMusicInit) doesn't work, which can be fixed using a special version of the emulator, which has referred to within the community as the Hitman emulator. Neither version boots Exile due to not supporting vMusicInit in 2.5.4, and vSin in the special version. Exile is not known to work in any found version of the emulator.
Mophun SDK
The mophun SDK is a non-proprietary completely free toolset built with GNU tools using open standards. It was released in 2002, C based SDK specialised to game development for mobile devices and it was coming with a free license to develop games. Mophun SDK allowed creation of games for the Symbian OS platform without the burned of the complexity of Symbian OS.
A new, open source emulator created by Luca91. It is only a proof of concept, as only a few opcodes and a couple of SDK APIs are emulated, and there is no heap. There is sprite and input support, as well as support for the collision API. It is compatible with a few small homebrews. Luca91 mentions the SDK API handler needs to be better organized.
Mophun ActiveX Control
The official website for the platform,, used to host development demos playable in the browser using the ActiveX platform (crawled demo files here). The mophun plugin itself can run unencrypted .mpn files. Although it is not playable through the web archives of the site, it is expected to be curated for Flashpoint. The current demo version of Rally 3D isn't particularly perfect. As a game, it gets quite boring after a while, but as a demonstration of the possibilities of the mophun 3D engine, it is bearable. However, the quality of mophun 3D cannot be sufficiently assessed from the ActiveX demo of one game run in a web browser.
Mophun API
Lessphun project is an implementation of the Mophun API for Cibyl, "Lessphun is Mophun". The purpose of Lessphun is to easily be able to port old Mophun games to Cibyl/J2ME. The ultimate goal I have with Lessphun is to port my two Mophun games Lorminator dash and Bruce Lee. Lessphun is currently capable of recompiling and running the Lorminator dash game correctly, although some things work slightly differently than under Mophun (notably font handling). Lessphun will be mostly compatible with Mophun, but where compatibility is difficult it will be sacrificed. Lessphun is only meant as a transition-path from Mophun-based games, for new games use the Cibyl J2ME API or a custom Cibyl API instead, and old mophun projects


  • For Mophun 2D
Site Name Description Scraped
Active [1] [2] [3] Only 1 game
Archived [4] [5]
members.lycos.ny [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] Only 1 game [11] Only 1 game
Standalone Collection
103 mophun hry
Pack 1 & Pack 2 by Kaliyuga
Forums [12]
Information Crack the mophun with Hex editor
Cracking mophun
How to backup mophun games?


Mophun has some conceptual similarities to Java, like running programs in a virtual machine rather than directly on the device, so that they can become platform-independent. Since late 2002, the mophun 2D engine has been pre-installed on low-end mobiles. The much acclaimed Sony Ericsson T300 and T310 models.

Despite the API being very easy for programmers to use, Mophun has not been very popular. The main reason for this seems to be the strict approval process - the compiled program can only be run under an emulator, and Synergenix must approve the program so it can be used on a mobile device. The approved program can only be run under one IMEI number. Only developers registered and approved by Synergenix can use self-certification (and through the Synergenix server), and they are only allowed to have one IMEI number. The developer must sign a sales contract with Synergenix, which then shares and approves it for end-users, so the program can be shared. Such a process disallows free programs to be created for mophun, and also discourages many developers from developing programs for mophun. In addition, Mophun game does not need to be paid after one download (this is the same concept as ExEn), and Mophun also has a security mechanism (anti-piracy), the main game program cannot be copied from the mobile phone, only the game save and dump are provided to the computer. Mophun games are all in .mpn file format. When the file is too large, it can be divided into 30KB parts, downloaded to the mobile phone in stages, and the mobile phone will be automatically connected.

The mophun gaming platform runs on extremely limited hardware resources with minimum requirements of an 8-bit processor running on 12 MHz. Competing game technologies usually require 32-bit processors and 25 to 50 MHz. Because of the limited hardware resource requirements mophun games can run on today's existing 2G-phones. The game can be downloaded via WAP directly to the phone or to a computer and then transferred to the phone via infrared (IR) or cable.


Honey Cave.gif Little Indians.jpg Ace.gif Pre Historik.gif Rally.gif Alien Scum.gif
Stonker.png Space Debris.png Syndroid.jpg QSoccer.jpg Monkey.gif Ant Assault.gif
Bouncy.jpg Cubed.gif Jeff.png Mummy.gif Dog City.jpg Bone.png
No Refuge.gif Courier Bob.gif Evil Mirror.png Down Vampire.png Evac.gif Bouncy 2.gif
Strike Out.png Ace Of Spades.gif Boulder Dash.gif Mini Golf 2.gif Snow.gif Deep Abyss.gif
Berserko.gif Black Deal.gif Burger Matic.gif Poker Showdown.gif Puzzle Mania.gif Shooting Star.gif
Aank City.png Sheep Mania.gif Ishido.png Russ Pack.png Chaos Realms X.png Huntsman.gif
Final Hit.png 1849 Gold Rush.png Bomb Jack.png Charlies Angles.png Diastima.png Extreme Downhill.png
Evac 2.png Fling Jack.png Get Away.png Fire Power.png Iron Waters.png Kool Pool.png

Mophun 2D

Mophun 2D.png

Mophun™ platform, which was adopted as the standard for Sony Ericsson mobile phones (and is also supported by some models of siemens phones and other "smaller" brands). A platform similar to J2ME, the program openness is not as good as that of J2ME, and the types of downloads are single, but mophun games can provide game demos, and have good restrictions on piracy, and the fees are more convenient and reasonable.

Mophun has the advantage of being an open standard (free for the developer) and its programs tend to be very compact, occupying half the memory of a similar one in Java and a third of that occupied by a similar one in BREW, which has taken many companies to turn their eyes to Mophun (as it speeds up the download of games).

From a technical point of view, Mophun is superior to J2ME. Tests conducted by independent companies showed that in a device where Mophun gives 60 MIPS, J2ME shows 400 KIPS (which means 150 times slower). Synergenix also adds that on some devices, some subsystems use native code from the phone's processor rather than virtual machine code, which means speeds can reach 90% of the phone's CPU's maximum capability (for example, 90 MIPS for a 100 MIPS model when running native programs).

— In 2002: Relaunched as mophun signed embedded deal with Sony-Ericsson. Mophun embedded into T300, T610, etc and Online distribution system with DRM.

— In 2003: Embedded deal with TTPcom.

— In 2003: Shifs to become mobile game middleware for Symbian, BREW, J2ME and Windows Mobile. Synergenix mophun accelerator Supports OpenGL and mobile 3D graphics API (application programming interface) for J2ME (JSR-184). The mophun platform is optimized to work with Atsana media processors, and a set of over 150 built-in games is offered to phone developers.

— The 2D version requires about 50kB of memory and the 3D version only adds an additional 100kB to the footprint. The mophun engine on the mobile device makes sure that the games run in a secure sandboxed environment and it also contains DRM features to help prevent piracy. Most mophun programs are around 50–150 KB in size.

— The 2D versions of mophun™ enables multiplayer wireless gaming. Minigolf game that runs over the network, using a multiplayer server from Terraplay.

— For low-end phones, mophun™ provides the possibility of real-time, arcade style 2D action games that no other comparative technologies can match.

— The mophun™ API gives the games access to features like an advanced sprite and tile engine, a collision system, sound support and communication. Games can also access hardware, such as vibration, backlight and touch screens. Games for Mophun are written in assembler in ​​C and C++ using a well-documented and open API. A special version of GCC is used to compile programs.

List of Mophun 2D supported devices[edit]

1st Generation SE

Phones without Java, No support for downloading games, or playing only on Mophun with small screens, both monochrome and color, but with a resolution of no more than 96x65...128x160.

2nd Generation SE

Phones already with Java platform (JP-1 on MIDP 1.0) and support has been added to Mophun. The screens are 128x160, TFT displays appeared.

Model Resolution Pre-installed games Downloadable J2ME support Generation Description
Z200 128x128 AlienScum, HoneyCave, MiniGolf ? 1.0
Z208 ? ? ? ?
Z300 (Z300i / Z300a / Z300c) 101x80 BlackDeal, MiniGolf, HoneyCave2 ?
Z600 128x160 AlienScum, HoneyCave2, MiniGolf, VRally2 2.0
Z608 128x160 2.0
T226 users can download more than 60 mophun games through GPRS 1.5
T230 (T230i) users can download more than 60 mophun games through GPRS 1.5
T238 101x80 DeepAbyss, FiveStones, VRally2 users can download more than 60 mophun games through GPRS ?
T290 (T290a / T290i /T290c) 101x80 DeepAbyss, FiveStones 1.5
T300 101x80 Erix, AlienScum, BlackDeal, MiniGolf 1.5 It was the first mobile phone to have Synergenix's Mophun game engine integrated.
T306 101x80 Cubed, AlienScum, DeepAbyss, MiniGolf, WoF-Vol1 ?
T310 (T310i) 101x80 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 users can download more than 50 mophun games through GPRS 1.5
T312 ? ? ? ?
T316 ? ? ? ?
T610 128x160 DeepAbyss, FiveStones, MiniGolf 2.0
T616 ? ? ? ?
T618 (T618c) 128x160 2.0
T628 128x160 MiniGolf, Vrally2 2.0
T630 (T630i) 128x160 AlienScum, HoneyCave2, MiniGolf, Vrally2 2.0
T637 ? ? ? ?
Voxtel VS400 Xfinity ? There is only one game in the Mophun folder, this is the Xfinity arcade game, which is well known to owners of Sony Ericsson phones. It was not possible to find any other games for this phone, on the official website of Mophun there was no mention of support for Voxtel devices. ?
Medion, PAVO, TTPCom - MD95674 ? 1.x
Tiger Telematics GameTrac Gizmondo 320x240 3.0
Archos Gmini 400 220x176 3.0
Archos Gmini 402 (Gmini 402cc) 220x176 3.0
Archos PMA400 320x340 3.0
Archos PMA430 320x340 3.0
Archos AV700 (AV700TV) 480x234 3.0

List of Mophun 2D Games[edit]

There are 305+ known games (Included 2D and 3D), Mophun Game List of which 255 have been released, 42 are unknown to have been released, 3 are demos and 6 are unreleased. It was later overtaken by advances in J2ME that came with the MIDP 2.0 framework.

Title Release Date Developer Publisher Genre(s) Compatible Description SRC/ref.
1849 Gold Rush 2003 MAX Artists CSP Mobile GmbH Action
T6x0, Z600 The gameplay is similar to Pac-Man
2-Player Mahjong (Deluxe Edition) 200 m-internet / eSys Distribution Puzzle
2D Video Unreleased Thomas Harte
3D Breaker 200 V*D*V, ALM Puzzle
3D Racer 200 V*D*V, ALM Racing
4 in 1 200 Macrospace Arcade
T310, T6x0, Z600
5-5 Football 200 Sports T310, T6x0, Z600
Aank City 200 Javier Ventoso Racing T310, T6x0, Z600
Aardvark Antics 200 Action T6x0, Z600
Ace 200 Kerbyware Action
Shoot'em Up
T310, T6x0, Z600
Ace Of Spades 200 Gambling T6x0, Z600
Aethra Squadron ?
Agikomix 200 Csaba Markus Puzzle T310, T6x0, Z600
Alien Assault 200 Shooter
Alien Scum 200 Shooter T6x0, Z600
Alpha Attack 200 Mirandow Pty Ltd Arcade T6x0, Z600, PMA400, Gmini 400, Gmini 402 / Gmini 402CC
Alpine Ski [Skiing] 200 InstantCom Sports T3xx
Ant Assault 200 NET-VR Shooter
Shoot'em Up
T300, T6x0, Z600
Astrocap 200
Air Traffic Control [ATC] 200 Lunagames Strategy T3xx
Atlantic Games Unreleased Kerbyware
Babylon Unreleased Kerbyware
Balloonz 200 Funsprite Interactive
Barry Bonds 200 Mike Kasprzak
Basketball Challenge 04 200 Jungie Entertainment / Software Sports
Battleship 200 Tuna Technologies iFone, Hasbro, Atari
Bball 200 The Eaves Gmini 400
Beach Rivals 200 Sports
Berserko Blocks 2002 SkyRank Puzzle
Black Deal 2003 Gambling T6x0, Z600
BMX Mayhem ? Qubedesign Sports
Bomb Jack 2003 (uk) Tehkan Ltd. Progressive Media ApS (Ported by) Action
T6x0, Z600
Bone Idol 200 Binary Graffiti Puzzle
T6x0, Z600
Boulder Dash M.E.™ 2002 InstantCom, Ltd. Arcade T6x0, Z600
Bouncy 200 Carbello Arcade T310, T6x0, Z600 (It works on T6x0 and Z600, but not in full screen!)
Brain Vita 200 Puzzle
BreakFree 200 Phidev
Bubble Trouble [Bubble] 2003 Big Blue Bubble Puzzle
Burger Matic 2002 SkyRank Puzzle T310
Burp City 2003 Synergenix Interactive AB Synergenix Interactive AB Platformer
Jump'n Run
Canfield 200 Mirandow Pty Ltd Synergenix Interactive AB Puzzle
T6x0, Z600, Gmini 402 / Gmini 402CC, AV700
Captain Lunar [Lunar] 2003/4 Big Blue Bubble Inc. Synergenix Interactive AB Arcade
T6x0, Z600
Care The Monster 200 Stressed Factory Arcade
Cash Quest Roulette 200
Casino Wheel 200 Gambling T6x0, Z600
Cavern of Pluto ? Lefab productions
Chang’s Orbhunt 2003 Synergenix Interactive AB Synergenix Interactive AB Action
Jump'n Run
Chaos Relams X 200 Binary Graffiti / Yellow Peril Synergenix Interactive AB RPG T6x0, Z600
Charlie´s Angels: Road Cyclone 200 Action T6x0, Z600
Checker Connector 200 Puzzle T310, T6x0, Z600 (It works on T6x0 and Z600, but not in full screen!)
Cheezy Race 200 Arcade T310, T610, Z600 Similar to Pac-Man
Chess 200 Puzzle
Chesswiz 200 Kerbyware Gambling T3xx, T6x0, Z600
Chewz! 200 Sweet Games Puzzle T6x0, Z600
Chicken Shoot ? Vivid Design
City Auto 200 Tibor Racing T6x0, Z600
Colin McRae Rally 04 Apr 27, 2004 8bit Games Ltd. Synergenix Interactive AB (Licensed by Codemasters Software Company Limited) Racing T6x0, Z600, Gmini 400 Doesn't work on T300, but they say it works on 310.
Color Lines [Lines] 200 Puzzle T6x0, Z600
Combat 200 Tuna Technologies Atari, iFone, Hasbro Shooter
Conflict: Vietnam 2005 8bit Games Ltd. Shooter
Connect Four 200 Mike Kasprzak
Corners 200 Puzzle
Courier Bob 2004 MAX Artists Action T6x0, Z600
Cranebit 200 Psycho World Puzzle T6x0, Z600 (It works on T6x0 and Z600, but not in full screen!)
Crazy Bombs: Planet X 200 Shooter
Crazy Jump 200 Zeroware T6x0, Z600
Cubed 200 OnGame e-solutions / Java on the Brain Puzzle T310, T610, Z600
Dawn of the Vampire 200 Maratron Puzzle T6x0, Z600, Gmini 400
Deep Abyss 2002 Platformer
T6x0, Z600
Diamond Hunter 200 Binary Graffiti Arcade
Diastima 2003 Binary Graffiti CSP Mobile GmbH
MAX Artists
T6x0, Z600 [13]
Dice 200
Dog City 2003 Synergenix Platformer
T310, T610, Z600, PMA400, Gmini 400, Gmini 402 / Gmini 402CC, AV700
Dogfight C1 200 Kerbyware Shooter T6x0, Z600, PMA400, Gmini 402 / Gmini 402CC
Dogfight C2 200 Kerbyware Shooter T6x0, Z600
Dogtown Skaters ? Qubedesign
Dots and Dashes 200 Puzzle
Dragon Tale: Chapter 1 2002 Spark Creative SARL RPG T310, T610, Z600
Dragon Tale: Chapter 2 2002 Spark Creative SARL RPG T310, T610, Z600
Drop Down 2003 Jeff Schmidt Arcade
Ducati Extreme 200 Racing
Egg Attack 2004 CSP-Mobile GmbH / MAX Artists Arcade T6x0, Z600
Eggo 200 Ionic Studios Ltd. Puzzle T6x0, Z600
Electro Ball 200 Dimension Games
Erix 200 T6x0, Z600
Escape! ? NET-VR
Evac 200 Binary Graffiti Arcade T6x0, Z600
Extreme Downhill Skier [Ski] 200 Fireport Sports T6x0, Z600
FIFA Football 2003: Mobile International Edition (FIFA 2003) 2003 Distinctive Developments Ltd. Digital Bridges Ltd. Sports T6x0, Z600
Final Hit 2003-4 Encore Games Synergenix Fight
Beat'em Up
T3xx, T610, Z600
Fire Power 200 Ge.Mi. development Shooter T6x0, Z600
Fire Shark 200 Binary Graffiti
Five Stones 200 Arcade T310, T610, Z600
Fling Jack 200 Flandish Mobile Arcade T6x0, Z600
Flipper Flip ?
Fornax 200 Shooter
Frankie Jumpy Aug 25, 2003 Impressionware S.r.l. Ribes Informatica S.p.A. Action
T6x0, Z600 Similar to Bomb Jack
Fruit Juice 200 Puzzle T6x0, Z600 (It works on T6x0 and Z600, but not in full screen!)
Gammophone ?
Gemmy Dance 200 Gemmy Planet Arcade
Get Away 200 Mattias Hedkvist Racing
T6x0, Z600 Similar to GTA 1
Gobblerz 200 SweetGames
Graveyard Adventure 200
Graviation [Gravity, Grav] 200 Awesume Interactive Action
T6x0, Z600
Graviton 200 Ongame Action
T6x0, Z600
Gun Carnage 200 Capricorn Studio Synergenix Shooter T6x0, Z600
Gunman Jack 200 Synergenix Interactive AB
Haunted House ?
Hearts 200 Puzzle
Hit it 200
Honey Cave 1 200 Synergenix Interactive AB Platformer
T310, T6x0, Z600 (It works on T6x0 and Z600, but not in full screen!)
Honey Cave 2 200 Synergenix Interactive AB Platformer
T310, T610, Z600
Hopper 200 MAX Artists Puzzle
Hugo: Evil Mirror 200 Interactive Television Entertainment Platformer T310, T6x0, Z600 (It works on T6x0 and Z600, but not in full screen!)
Hunting Season 200 Maratron Games Sports T6x0, Z600
Huntsman 200 Mirandow Pty Ltd Arcade T310, T610, Z600, Gmini 400
Hyper Apocalypse 200 Björn Bergström Action T310, T610, Z600, Gmini 400, Gmini 402 / Gmini 402CC
Ice Digger 200 Arcade T310, T6x0, Z600 (It works on T6x0 and Z600, but not in full screen!) Similar to Bomberman
Ice Blox Plus Jun 29, 2002 Ongame / Java on the Brain Arcade
Puzzle elements
T6x0, Z600, Gmini 402 / Gmini 402CC, PMA400 Similar to Pengo [14]
IMMessenger ?
Incoming 200 MAX Artists Shooter T310, T610, Z600
Inferno Vol1 200 Kerbyware Puzzle
Iron Waters 2004 Impressionware Srl Synergenix Interactive AB Shooter T6x0, Z600
Ishido 200 Puzzle T6x0, Z600
Jeff 2004 Mattias Hedkvist Games Synergenix Interactive AB Arcade T6x0, Z600
Jeopardy 06/13/03 Synergenix Interactive AB, Centerscore Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment? Gambling T6x0, Z600
JooSe! ?
Jumping Bubble 200 Arcade T310, T610, Z600
Jupiter 2034 ?
Karaophun! 200 T6x0, Z600
Karnak 200 Apeiron Arcade T6x0, Z600
Keep Ups 200 Sports
Kely Slater’s Pro Surfer: California 200 Babaroga Games Sports T6x0, Z600
Klaps 200 Puzzle
Klondike 200 Mirandow Pty Ltd. Synergenix Interactive AB Gambling T6x0, Z600, PMA400, Gmini 400, Gmini 402 / Gmini 402CC, AV700
Klondike Solitare 200 Synergenix Interactive AB Gambling T6x0, Z600
Kool Pool 200 Sports T6x0, Z600 Multiplayer via Bluetooth
Landscape Unreleased (2004-5) Encore Games
Laser Maze 2004 Beng Wertsen Puzzle T6x0, Z600
Lavirinthos 200 Binary Graffiti / Yellow Peril Synergenix Interactive AB Adventure T6x0, Z600
Lemtris 200 Arcade
Linx 200
Lisa in the Underworld 200 Maroon Games Action T310, T610, Z600
Little Indians 200 Meditech Interactive Action
T310, T610, Z600, Gmini 402 / Gmini 402CC
Log(Hic!) March 2005 In The Pockets In The Pockets Puzzle
Lost in the Forest: Joe’s Adventure 200 Fucapi Action Gmini 402 / Gmini 402CC
Love From Above 200 Action T6x0, Z600
Magic Puzzle 200 Puzzle
Mahjongg Mini 2004 Alunze Puzzle T6x0, Z600
Maze Trix 200 Puzzle
MechPatrol 200 Apeiron
Microwars 200 Microwars team Action
Micro War II 200
Mini Golf 2003 Synergenix Interactive AB Synergenix Interactive AB Sports T310, T6x0, Z600 (It works on T6x0 and Z600, but not in full screen!)
Minyuns! 200
Mobile Angler Bass Edition 200
Mobile Pinball 200 Puzzle
Mobile Quest 200 Synergenix Interactive AB Puzzle
Mobot Series 200
MoDarts 2003 Tinfo / Creative-SP Mobile Arcade
Monkey Business 200 Ellans Software Action
Mooktown Tennis 2004 200 Sports
Mophjong Solitare 200 Puzzle T6x0, Z600
Motorcycling Extreme 200 by [Dyniek] & [AlBeRt] - POLAND Sports
My Karaoke 200
My Karaoke Xmas 200
New Mo City 200 Maroon Games
Nishi’s Aqua Fight 200
No Refuge 200 Mobile Interaction Action T6x0, Z600
Noid 200 Arcade
Non Disclosure Agreement 2004 Encore Games Synergenix Interactive AB Shooter
Nostalgia Ball 200 Arcade The composition Includes 4 games: tennis, airball, hockey, spaceball
Number Drop 2003 Spooky Tornado Studio Arcade T6x0, Z600
Onnellinen Ravintola 200
Operation 200 Mforma Group, Hasbro Arcade
Patience 200 Mirandow Pty Ltd Puzzle T6x0, Z600, Gmini 402 / Gmini 402CC, AV700
Pegs! Solitaire 200 Synergenix Interactive AB Puzzle T6x0, Z600
Pet Fight 200 Arcade T6x0, Z600 (It works on T6x0 and Z600, but not in full screen!)
Pexoso 200
Phazer 200 Coyote Flux
Phoom 200 by Depeh
Phun Marbles 200 Conny Puzzle T6x0, Z600
Pipes’n’Robots 200 Puzzle
Pocket Golf Pro 200 Sports
Pocket Tennis 200 Sports
Pocket Couronne 200
Poker Dice 2004 MegaVision-Games Synergenix Interactive AB Gambling T6x0, Z600
Poker Showdown 2004 Binary Graffiti Gambling T6x0, Z600
Pong 200 ExoSyphen Arcade
Pop’a’Hoop Basketball 200 Sports
Popeye - Kart Racing 200 Racing
Prehistorik Man 200 Eye One Platformer
T310 Ported from PC
Progressive Pinball: The Vikings 200 Progressive Media ApS Puzzle
Puzzle Mania 200 Puzzle
Puzzle Slider 200 Puzzle T310, T6x0, Z600 (It works on T6x0 and Z600, but not in full screen!)
Q*bert™ 2002 D. Gottlieb & Co. (Ported by Synergenix Interactive AB) Sony Pictures Mobile Arcade T6x0, Z600
QB Challenge 200 Mproviso Sports
Qsoccer 2002 Qubedesign Sports T310, T610, Z600
Qucik Draw Video poker 200
Rahzal 200
Rally PRO Contest 200 Racing
Rally Racers 200 Racing
RC Battle 200 T6x0, Z600
Reversi 200 Milan Rusek Synergenix Puzzle T6x0, Z600 Multiplayer via Bluetooth or IR
Revs! 200 8bit Games Ltd. Racing T6x0, Z600
River Boat Blackjack 200 Gambling
RotoPuzzle 200 Puzzle T6x0, Z600
Rotten Tomatoes 200 Lefab productions / Adam Tierney
Rows Blaster 200 Magic Productions Gmini 400, Gmini 402 / Gmini 402CC
Russian Pack 200 World Epislon Enterprise Synergenix Puzzle T6x0, Z600, Gmini 400, Gmini 402 / Gmini 402CC, AV700
S.A.A.F.: Special Anti Alien Force 200 Shooter
Samurai’s Adventure 200 Adventure
Santa 200 Ellams Software
Santa Mania 200 Arcade T6x0, Z600
Scrambly 200 Simone Bevilacqua (Retream) Puzzle
Scuba 200 Shrike Software
Shanghai Gang 200 Puzzle
Sheep Mania Dec 13, 2002 Progressive Media ApS Progressive Media ApS Puzzle T3xx, T610, Z600 Sheep Mania is a mobile game similar to Soko-Ban
Ship Arcade 200 Joe's Cat Arcade
Shooting Star 200 Mirandow Pty Ltd Shooter T310, T610, Z600
Silly Invaders 200 Digital Fluff
SkyRank Hockey 200 SkyRank Sports
Snakebite! 200 Arcade T6x0, Z600
Snooz 2003 GameXtend GameXtend Adventure
Puzzle elements
T6x0, Z600
Snowballyho 200
Snowboard Bob 200 Ellams Software Sports
Snowboard X 200 Distinctive Developments Ltd Sports T310 J2ME
Something Fishy 200 Action
Space Box 200 Tomasz Graczyk Arcade
T310, T610, Z600, Gmini 400, AV700, P800
Space Debris 200 Digital Fluff Arcade T6x0, Z600, Gmini 402 / Gmini 402CC, PMA400, AV700 Pac-Man clone
Space Explorer Sep 18, 2003 Impressionware S.r.l. Ribes Informatica S.p.A. Action
T6x0, Z600 Space Explorer is one of many games based on Atari's classic arcade game Lunar Lander / J2ME
Space Hoppa 200 Funsprite Interactive
Spark 200 Puzzle
Spinner 200 Fooware Puzzle
Spinner C2 200 Fooware Puzzle
Spitfire 200 Nitrooo Soft Shooter
Stack! 200
Star Treak: Nemesis 200 MForma / Activision Shooter
Stonker 200 Psycho World Puzzle T310, T6x0, Z600 (It works on T6x0 and Z600, but not in full screen!)
Stonker Xmas 200 Psycho World Puzzle T310, T6x0, Z600 (It works on T6x0 and Z600, but not in full screen!)
Strategy 200
Street Chase 200 InstantCom Racing T6x0, Z600
Strike Commando 200
Strike Out 200 Alexander Demsky Sports T6x0, Z600
Strip Poker 200 Synergenix Card T310, T610, Z600
Strip Poker Adriana 200 Card T6x0, Z600
Strip Poker Katharina 200 Card T6x0, Z600
Strip Poker Phoebe 200 Card T6x0, Z600
Sub Hunt 200 Digital Fluff Shooter T6x0, Z600
Sub Hunt DX 200 Digital Fluff Shooter T6x0, Z600, Gmini 400
Submarine 200
Supah Worm 200 Synergenix Shooter T6x0, Z600
Supermarine Spitfire 2004 Nano Games Shooter
Sushi Fighter 200 ESC 58 Action T6x0, Z600, Gmini 400
Sweet Dreams 200 Binary Graffiti / MAX Artists Puzzle T6x0, Z600
Syndroid 2003 Synergenix Interactive AB Synergenix Interactive AB Arcade T310, T610, Z600, Gmini 402 / Gmini 402CC
Synergenix Rally [Rally] 2002 Synergenix Interactive AB Synergenix Interactive AB Racing T310, T610, Z600
The Eel 200 Synergenix Interactive AB? Puzzle
The Flint Stones 200 Arcade T6x0, Z600
The Italian Job 200 Synergenix Interactive AB
The Legend of Great Samurai 200 by [AlBeRt] & [Spark] POLAND
The Mummy 200 Apeiron Platformer
The Pearl Hunter 200
The Royal Game of Ur 200
The Shanghai Shrike 200 Shrike Software
Toki Tori 200 Two Tribes
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 200 Binary Hammer / Jamdat Sports
Top Gun II 200 Shooter
Torpedo 200 Patrick Dickinson Shooter T6x0, Z600
Toys Factory 200 Gemmy Planet Puzzle T6x0, Z600
Trapped Ball 200 Atlastelecom Arcade T6x0, Z600
Treasure Chess Slot 200 Puzzle
Tres en Raya 200
V-Rally (Virtual Rally) 200 Racing
V-Rally 2 (Virtual Rally 2) 2003 Synergenix Interactive AB iFone / Glu Mobile Ltd. Racing T310, T610, Z600 Multiplayer
Vegas Xtreme 200 Paul Peck / Yellow Peril Synergenix Interactive AB Gambling T6x0, Z600
Viking Winter Games 1005 200 Sports
War Ships 200 Apeiron Strategy T6x0, Z600, Gmini 400
Warehouse Madness 200 Synergenix Interactive AB
Wetris 200 Tuna Technologies iFone Puzzle
Wheel of Fortune 200 Puzzle T6x0, Z600
Wilione 200 Racing T6x0, Z600
Word Finder 200 Digital Fluff Puzzle T6x0, Z600
Word Panic 2003 Ongame Synergenix Interactive AB Puzzle T6x0, Z600
Wow – Word on Word 200 Puzzle
X-Probe 200 Giovanni Ivona Arcade T310, T6x0, Z600
Xfinity 2002 Synergenix Interactive AB Synergenix Interactive AB Shooter
Shoot'em Up
T310, PMA400, Gmini 402 / Gmini 402CC
xXx 200 Synergenix Interactive AB / Sony Pictures Digital Racing T6x0, Z600
You Are Under Arrest 200

Mophun 3D

Mophun 3D.jpg
Mophun 3D is the first commercially available virtual machine/game engine with complete 3D support.
Developer Synergenix Interactive AB (Blaze Global)
Type 3D Engine
Generation 6th generation
Release date 18 May 2003
Discontinued 2006
Predecessor Mophun 2D

Mophun 3D is a high-graphics 3D engine developed by Synergenix Interactive AB in May 18, 2003 for Symbian based handsets. It's a fast gaming system for mobile phones, pushing mobile games to new levels, enabling true real-time multiplayer gaming over mobile networks (through Bluetooth, WiFi, GPRS and Infra-red technology), as well as high performance full 3D graphics, high-quality sounds, enhanced audio and true 3D gaming features. The engine currently available for Series 60 and UIQ handsets, including the Nokia 3650, 7650, N-Gage, Sony Ericsson P800, Motorola A920 and Siemens SX-1 mobile phones and a whole range of Symbian based phones. Also available for Archos Gmini series and Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) handsets.


- 3D graphics

- Enhanced audio

- High-quality sound

- Multiplayer technology

In 2003, Synergenix Interactive AB launched, world's first mobile 3D multiplayer game for mophun 3D engine.
The 3D versions of mophun™ enables multiplayer wireless gaming capabilities over Bluetooth™, Infra-red, WLAN, GPRS, EDGE and 3G network. Many of mophun games are perfectly connected via bluetooth. In multiplayer mode, some have the ability to connect via bluetooth (for example, Carmageddon 3D, Fatal Arena, Lock 'N Load 2). Terraplay technology: Lock 'N Load 2, The new installment is the first to use Terraplay's MOVE 3.1 platform and benchmark the first-person shooter genre on mobile. Also Rally Pro Content using its Mophun 3D game engine and Terraplay Systems network technology for multiplayer functionality. Multiplayer gaming has used local connectivity technologies such as Bluetooth but Terraplay MOVE enables subscribers to connect to another handset over 2.5G and 3G networks without geographical restrictions. The mophun 3D engine featuring low memory footprint and low processing power requirements for its suite of 3D APIs, directly targeted at quickly and effectively developing mobile 3D games. The engine is designed for development of 3D mobile games that are compact and downloadable over-the-air.

Mophun 3D have backwards compatible at the binary level with all existing games for mophun and therefore theoretically it is possible to run current 2D games for the original engine in mophun 3D. While the runtime of the current mophun 2D engine can run on mobile devices with relatively slow processors (8 bits, 12 MHz), mophun 3D require significantly faster 32-bit processors with a speed of at least 16 MHz. Mophun has quickly become a popular way for mobile network operators and distributors to increase ARPU.

Mophun 3D have its own 3D API and come as a comprehensive SDK package with its own 3D graphics routines optimized for each type of mobile device. The mophun 3D API is very similar to the OpenGL-ES standard, which is again intended mainly for mobile devices. Mophun 3D directly support optimized light sources, texture mapping and shadow work for 3D graphics, as well as object collision detection and Z-buffering. Mophun 3D have its own sound interface. The Sound API directly support WAVE (WAV), ADPCM and other currently the most widely used audio formats.

The mophun™ 3D API gives the games access to features like an advanced sprite and tile engine, a collision system, sound support and communication. Games can also access hardware, such as vibration, backlight and touch screens. The 3D features include 3D math, perspective correction, material, lighting, shading, fog, collision & occlusion, texture wrapping, blending, transparency, filtering, and a number of different rendering modes. For the future trend of mobile 3D games, Synergenix also launched Mophun 3D SDK, allowing developers to develop 3D games. The 3D API is still purely software accelerated and cannot have a smooth picture like a PC.

CSL enable its customers to download advanced 3D games based on mophun technology directly to their Symbian OS based mobile phones. CSL provide Symbian OS mobile phone users with direct access to a growing supply of great 3D games based on the mophun technology. Such as Rally Pro Contest, Anarchy Boxing 3D, Joe’s Treasure Quest 3D, and Lock 'N Load series are available through CSL.

The Synergenix Vendor Signing Tool: Offers an opportunity of secure distribution and piracy control. The games can be locked to a specific device based on the IMEI number or time-limited for demo purposes or several different forms of subscription gaming. The VST can also be used to add operator specific information to games at the point of sale, such as IP addresses to your multiplayer server or your own games portal.


Anarchy Boxing 3D 1.png Anarchy Boxing 3D 2.png Anarchy Boxing 3D 3.png Carmageddon 3D 1.png Carmageddon 3D 2.png Carmageddon 3D 3.png
The Da Vinci Code 3D 1.png The Da Vinci Code 3D 2.png The Da Vinci Code 3D 3.png Fatal Arena 3D 1.png Fatal Arena 3D 2.png Fatal Arena 3D 3.png
Football Pro Contest 3D 1.png Football Pro Contest 3D 2.png Football Pro Contest 3D 3.png Golf Pro Contest 3D 1.png Golf Pro Contest 3D 2.png Golf Pro Contest 3D 3.png
Golf Pro Contest 2 3D 1.png Golf Pro Contest 2 3D 2.png Golf Pro Contest 2 3D 3.png Joe’s Treasure Quest 3D 1.png Joe’s Treasure Quest 3D 2.png Joe’s Treasure Quest 3D 3.png
Lock‘N Load Combat Arena 3D 1.png Lock‘N Load Combat Arena 3D 2.png Lock‘N Load Combat Arena 3D 3.png Lock‘N Load Rise of War 3D 1.png Lock‘N Load Rise of War 3D 2.png Lock‘N Load Rise of War 3D 3.png
Lock‘N Load 2 3D 1.png Lock‘N Load 2 3D 2.png Lock‘N Load 2 3D 3.png Martial Arts 3D 1.png Martial Arts 3D 2.png Martial Arts 3D 3.png
Rally Pro Contest 3D 1.png Rally Pro Contest 3D 2.png Rally Pro Contest 3D 3.png Worms World Party 1.png Worms World Party 2.png Worms World Party 3.png
Heli Attack 2 1.png Heli Attack 2 2.png Heli Attack 2 3.png American Racing 3D 1.png American Racing 3D 2.png American Racing 3D 3.png

List of Mophun 3D supported devices[edit]

  • N-Gage doesn't support pure mophun, it's symbian after all. Meant that some games (such as Worms World Party) were written in Mophun, with libraries (such as Mophun.dll) added to them.
  • The GameTrac Gizmondo has traditional HW graphics accelerator, support for 3D Mophun Mobile Gaming Technology as well as the development of high-quality 2D and 3D games for use on their new Gametrac series of products.

OS (Platforms) Mobiles
Symbian OS Nokia (S60v1) — 3650 / 3660 / 3620 / 7650 / N-Gage (N-Gage QD)

Nokia (S60v2) — 3230 / 6600 / 6620 / 6260 / 6620 / 6630 (Vodafone 702NK / FOMA NM850iG) / 6670 / 6680 (Vodafone 702NK II) / 6681 / 6682 / 7610 (7610CN) / N90

Nokia (S60v3) — 3250 XpressMusic / 5320 XpressMusic / 5500 Sport XpressMusic / 5700 XpressMusic / 6120 classic (FOMA NM705i) / 6124 classic (FOMA NM706i) / E50 / E51 / E60 / E61 (E61i) (SoftBank X01NK) / E62 / E65 / E70 / E71 / N70 / N71 (Vodafone 804NK) / N72 / N73 (N73ME) (SoftBank 705NK) / N76 / N80 / N91 / N92 / N93 / N95 (SoftBank X02NK)

Nokia (S60v5) — 5530 XpressMusic / 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia (S80) — 9200 Communicator

Sony Ericsson (UIQv2) — P800 / P802 / P900 / P908 / P910 (P910i)

Motorola (UIQv2) — A920 / A925 / A1000 Communicator

NTT DoCoMo (Symbian^2) — Fujitsu FOMA F900i / F2102V / F2051

Siemens (S60v1) — SX-1

Sendo (S60v1) — Sendo X

BenQ (UIQv2) — P30 / P31

Panasonic (S60v2) — X700 / X800

Lenovo (S60v2) — P930

Samsung (S60v2) — D720 / D728 / D730 / Z600

Windows Mobile
(Pocket PC)
All Windows Mobile Smartphones running at a resolution:
176x220 (VGA)
240x320 (QVGA)

Motorola MPx200 / MPx220
Qtek 8310 / 8500
HTC MTeoR / Wizard / Univarsal / TyTN / HD2

Archos GMINI 400
GMINI 402 (GMINI 402 Camcorder)
AV700 (AV700TV)
Tiger Telematics GameTrac Gizmondo

List of Mophun 3D Games[edit]

* Later 3D based mophun games for Symbian. Also some games were released for J2ME

Title Release Date Developer Publisher Genre(s) Multiplayer Version(s) Language(s) Description J2ME port Ref.
American Racing 3D 2004 Mattias Hedkvist Games Synergenix Crew Racing Bluetooth
EN 176x208 only [15]
Anarchy Boxing 3D 2005 Anarchy Games & Mah-Kolor Games Synergenix Interactive AB Sports
Bluetooth 1.60 Multi [16]
CA Outlaw 3D Unreleased? / 2005 Mattias Hedkvist Games Synergenix Interactive AB Racing 1.0 EN 176x208 only [17]
Carmageddon Mobile 3D 29 November 2005 [EU] KAMPO Interactive Synergenix Interactive AB
Kayak Interactive
Licensed by Eidos Interactive & SCi Games Ltd.
Bluetooth 1.0.7
Multi Based on PC / Console port 2D [18]
Fatal Arena 3D 2005 Progressive Media ApS Synergenix Interactive AB Fighting
Bluetooth 1.22
EN Using Broadcom 3D VideoCore ll-based mobile multimedia processor with graphic acceleration. [21]
Football Pro Contest 2005 Big Red Games Ltd.
Synergenix Interactive AB
Kayak Interactive
1.0.4 Multi [23]
Golf Pro Contest 2005 Touche
Synergenix Interactive AB Sports
EN Some backgrounds are 176x208.
Prequel of Golf Pro Content 2
Golf Pro Contest 2 2006 Two Tribes B.V. Synergenix Interactive AB
Kayak Interactive
Wi-Fi / 3G Network 1.01
Multi Sequel of Golf Pro Content 3D [25]
Heli Attack 2 2004 Maratron.CH Studio
Square Circle Co.
Synergenix Interactive AB
Maratron.CH Studio
Square Circle Co.
EN Port based on web game
176x208 [1.01]
240x320 [1.02]
Joe’s Treasure Quest 3D 2005 KAMPO Interactive Synergenix Interactive AB Platformer
1.0 Multi [28]
Lock ‘N Load: Combat Arena 2005 Synergenix Interactive AB Blaze Global
(formerly Synergenix Interactive AB)
First Person Shooter
Wi-Fi / 3G Network
1.20 EN Only multiplayer mode
Similar to CS
2D [30]
Lock ‘N Load: Rise of War 2005 Synergenix Interactive AB Blaze Global
(formerly Synergenix Interactive AB)
First Person Shooter
1.01 EN Similar to Wolfenstein / CS 2D [31]
Lock ‘N Load 2 (Exile) June 2006 Blaze Global
(formerly Synergenix Interactive AB)
Blaze Global
(formerly Synergenix Interactive AB)
First Person Shooter
Bluetooth 0.9.0 Beta
Multi Sequel to Lock 'N Load.
Similar to CS
Martial Arts 3D 2005 Wireless Dreams
Synergenix Interactive AB Fighting Bluetooth 1.0 Multi Similar to Tekken [34]
Rally Pro Contest July 2005 [EU] Synergenix Interactive AB Synergenix Interactive AB
Kayak Interactive
Racing Bluetooth
EN 3D [35]
The Da Vinci Code 3D May 2006 [NA] SouthEnd Interactive AB Blaze Global
(formerly Synergenix Interactive AB)
Licensed by Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
Quest / Mystery (Puzzle elements)
Graphic Adventure
EN Based on The Da Vinci Code 3: The Movie 2D [37]
Worms World Party 2006 Two Tribes B.V.
Codeglue B.V.
Team17 Software Limited
Paragon Five, Inc.
Blaze Global
(formerly Synergenix Interactive AB)
THQ Wireless Inc.
Turn Based Strategy
1.0.0 Multi Based on GBA game [39]
  • Heli Attack 2 is the first mophun 3D game (2004).
  • The new 3D version of Carmageddon's features the same action, bonuses, and carnage found in the original PC title, totally redesigned for the latest 3D-enabled Symbian handsets.

Mophun games available for other platforms[edit]

Mophun 3D games released for Symbian (S60 / UIQ) and Gmini series, such as Joe's Treasure Quest 3D, Lock 'N Load series, Martial Arts 3D. Some games were released in J2ME, such as Rally Pro Contest and Golf Pro Content 2.

Mophun 2D based
Title Platform(s) Release Date Developer Publisher Genre(s) Version(s) Language(s) Description Ref.
Bomb Jack J2ME
2003 Tehkan Ltd. Elite Systems Ltd. Puzzle EN [40]
Colin McRae Rally 04 J2ME 27 April 2004 8bit Games Ltd. Synergenix Interactive AB
Codemasters Ltd.
Racing 1.0 EN [41]
Deep Abyss Windows
2002 Synergenix Interactive AB Synergenix Interactive AB Platformer
1.0 EN Windows port
GB port
Dragon Tale: C1 & C2 J2ME
2002 Spark Creative SARL Synergenix Interactive AB
TTPCom Ltd.
EN [42]
Dog City J2ME 2005 Synergenix Interactive AB Synergenix Interactive AB Platformer 1.6 EN
FIFA Football 2003: Mobile International Edition (FIFA 2003) J2ME 2003 Distinctive Developments Ltd. Digital Bridges Ltd. Sports (Football) EN [43]
Frankie Jumpy J2ME 2003 Impressionware S.r.l. Ribes Informatica S.p.A. Action EN Similar to Bomb Jack [44]
Log(Hic!) J2ME
Windows Mobile
2004 In The Pockets In The Pockets Puzzle EN [45]
Popeye Kart Racing J2ME 2004 Blue Beck Ltd. King Features Syndicate, Inc.
TM Hearst Holdings, Inc.
Mforma Group Inc.
Racing 1.0 Multi
Progressive Pinball: The Vikings WGE Progressive Media ApS TTPCom Ltd. Puzzle EN [46]
Q*bert J2ME 13 June 2003 D. Gottlieb & Co. Sony Pictures Mobile Action
EN [47]
Sheep Mania J2ME
8 February 2004 Progressive Media ApS Progressive Media ApS Puzzle 1.0 EN Similar to Sokoban [48]
Space Explorer J2ME 18 September 2003 Impressionware S.r.l. Ribes Informatica S.p.A. Action EN [49]
Top Gun 2 - Air Combat J2ME
2004 Mforma Korean Mforma Group Inc.
Paramount Pictures
1.0.3 EN
3D remake of mophun [1]
Deep Abyss 3D J2ME 2003 Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson Platformer
Multi Used Mascot Capsule 3D technology
Honey Cave 3D J2ME 2003 Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson Platformer 1.3 Multi Used Mascot Capsule 3D technology
  1. Mophun game engine know from T3xx, T6x0 and Z600 is exchanged with the Mascot Capsule 3D gaming engine from Hi Corporation.
    Deep Abyss 3D
    Honey Cave 3D
    Deep abyss 3d.jpg Honey cave 3d.jpg

    Of the exclusives, the indisputable hit is Honey Cave 1 & 2. Deep Abyss was also famous, but its 3D remake on the Mascot Capsule 3D was more popular and interesting than original. They also tried to remake Honey Cave to 3D (Using Mascot Capsule 3D technology), but it turned out to be just a very crooked and laggy 3D platformer, now hunting for honey will take place in a fully 3D environment. The design is terrible, the backs are dull, the platforms hang in the air just like that. This time the remake is worse than the original.

Mophun 3D based
Title Platform(s) Release Date Developer Publisher Genre(s) Version(s) Language(s) Description Ref.
Carmageddon 2D J2ME 4 July 2005 Impressionware S.r.l. Synergenix Interactive AB Racing 0.8 Multi [50]
Lock ‘N Load: Combat Arena J2ME 2005 Polarbit AB Synergenix Interactive AB First Person Shooter
1.1 EN
Lock ‘N Load: Rise of War J2ME 2005 Polarbit AB Synergenix Interactive AB First Person Shooter
1.1 EN
Fatal Arena 3D AV700 2005 Progressive Media ApS Synergenix Interactive AB Fighting
EN Multiplayer via Bluetooth
Football Pro Contest Windows Mobile 2005 Big Red Games Ltd.
Synergenix Interactive AB
Kayak Interactive
Sports (Football) 1.0.4 Multi
Golf Pro Contest 2 J2ME
2006 Two Tribes B.V. Synergenix Interactive AB
Kayak Interactive
Sports (Golf) 1.0.5 Multi
Joe’s Treasure Quest 3D AV700
Gmini 402
Gmini 402cc
2005 KAMPO Interactive Synergenix Interactive AB Platformer
Lock ‘N Load: Rise of War AV700
Gmini 402
Gmini 402cc
2005 Synergenix Interactive AB Blaze Global (formerly Synergenix Interactive AB) First Person Shooter
EN Similar to Wolfenstein 3D & CS
Martial Arts 3D AV700 2005 Wireless Dreams
Synergenix Interactive AB Fighting Multi Similar to Tekken / Multiplayer via Bluetooth
Rally Pro Contest J2ME
Gmini 402
Gmini 402cc
2005 Synergenix Interactive AB Synergenix Interactive AB Racing 1.1 Multi Multiplayer via Bluetooth

Archos Gaming Service[edit]


  • The AV700/AV700TV and PMA400 also works as a game console and has a built-in Mophun gaming engine. It is compatible with Mophun 2D and 3D games designed for cellphones. It comes with various Mophun demo version games designed for the terminal, some of them quite impressive 3D graphically. Dog City, Golf Pro Contest 2, Joe's Treasure Quest 3D, Lock 'N Load: Rise of War and Rows Blaster. Archos has adapted a number of existing games to the larger display. The games are 2D and graphically not very perfect. But on a couple of games like IceBox Plus and Space Box 3D, we found an abundance of colors and an isometric 3D look worthy of a Game Boy Color. This Mophun technology has already been implemented in the Archos Gmini400 and PMA400 and 15 games are currently available online from Archos while the Mophun catalog has around 150.
AV700 mophun.png AV700 mophun 1.png AV700 mophun 2.png
AV700 mophun 3.png AV700 mophun 4.png AV700 mophun 5.png
AV700 mophun 6.png AV700 mophun 7.png AV700 mophun 8.png
AV700 mophun 9.png AV700 mophun 2D.png

Gmini 400/402/402cc[edit]

  • Gmini 400 and Gmini 402/402CC can play both 2D and 3D games using Mophun, a gaming platform designed primarily for cellphones.
Gmini 400 mophun 1.png Gmini 400 mophun 2.png
Gmini 400 mophun 3.png Gmini 400 mophun 4.png

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