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Developer(s) recompileorg, hex007
Latest version N/A
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Raspberry Pi (via libretro)
Emulates J2ME
Website FreeJ2ME
Programmed in Java
License GNU GPLv3
Source code GitHub

FreeJ2ME is a free and open source J2ME emulator with a focus on J2ME games. It was designed to run on Windows, desktop Linux, and on the Raspberry Pi 3 using Libretro and RetroArch as provided by RetroPie.


FreeJ2ME supports some games are not playable and doesn't support 3D games, using J2ME Loader and KEmulator, though it does not support every game those play. At the moment, it's best to have all three if you're interested in those types of games.

Some games only run at specific resolutions. Per-game configuration is available from the menu (by pressing esc). Preferences are saved and will automatically load.

Games automatically scale with the window size, making it easy to play games designed for smaller screen sizes.


To Install FreeJ2ME on RetroPie here The Java portion can be built using Apache Ant with the build.xml file provided. The Libretro core can be built using the script. Installation instructions for the Libretro core for RetroPie are included.


  • Full Screen / Scaling
  • Sound
  • Per-game configuration
  • Optional Libretro core


Windows Linux Linux ARM GitHub Release