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Developer(s) Rich Whitehouse
Latest version 1.14 [+]
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Emulates Atari Jaguar
Compatibility 100%
Accuracy High
Support ($) Patreon

BigPEmu is a closed-source Atari Jaguar emulator. It was originally developed for use in the game compilation Atari 50, and later made available for free separately.

On version 1.05, BigPEmu introduced Jaguar CD emulation, with support for all commercially released AJ-CD titles. On version 1.07, Jaguar VR support was introduced, with head tracking and stereoscopic rendering. On version 1.08, JagLink support was added. On version 1.09, support for new network modes and Alien vs. Predator multiplayer was added. On version 1.12, native Linux x64 and Windows ARM64 ports, and new SDL and DX12 plugins were added (Linux port was actually added on 1.1 exclusive to Patreon supporters).


Windows Latest release
Currently Windows only