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Pictured: Atmark model
Developer Apple Computer
Type Home video game console
Generation Fifth generation
Release date 1996
Discontinued 1998
Introductory price $499.99 (2-box set)
$599.99 (3-box set).
Successor Apple Arcade

The Apple Pippin, marketed and stylized as PiPP!N, is a fifth-generation home video game console initially released by Bandai on March 28, 1996 in Japan, and later the same year in the United States.

The hardware was based on the Power Macintosh line, featuring a PowerPC 603 CPU clocked @ 66 MHz, expandable RAM up to 22 MB (Bandai models have 6 MB onboard, while the KMP 2000 has 8 MB), and a largely underpowered Taos 8/16-bit VGA GPU.


Name Platform(s) Latest Version Libretro Core Pippin Controller FLOSS Active Recommended
SheepShaver Windows Linux macOS Pre-installed pippin system software w/ sheepshaver build ~
MAME Windows Linux macOS FreeBSD git artifacts[N 1]
libretro core[N 2]
  1. CI-Windows CI-Linux CI-Macos
  2. As 0.251, 0.139 (2010), 0.78 (2003), 0.37b5 (2000)


Apple Pippin isn't a hardware profile SheepShaver emulates: SheepShaver emulates a generalized PPC Mac based on a beige PPC604 hardware profile, IIRC. It doesn't know about Pippin hardware. You can, however, run many Pippin CD software titles on Mac OS 7.5 if you read Japanese, as Pippin was based on the PPC Mac and designed to run a modified Mac OS 7.5, so the applications use the standard Mac toolbox. But you won't get the Pippin interface, or be able to use Pippin controllers, or games that depend on them. See this thread for more details.[1]
To emulate the Pippin, you need to use MAME, which has the only Pippin emulator available although it's not supported yet. Setting it up is rather complex, and you'll need the Pippin ROMs and CD images and the correct Pippin profile for the version of MAME you're using.[1]

Katz Media Player 2000[edit]

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Pippin @WORLD & Atmark Models[edit]

Developer Bandai
Type Home video game console
Predecessor Playdia
Emulated ~

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