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Apple ///
Developer Apple Computer, Inc.
Type Computers
Release date 1980
Discontinued 1984
Predecessor Apple ][

The Apple /// is mostly a souped-up Apple ][ that melted its own guts and made the FCC mad.


apple ///[edit]

The apple /// was released in May of '80 and retailed for $4340 and had a 6502A CPU at 1.8 MHz, 128K of RAM, a 80-column, 24-line display, 6-bit audio, built in 140KB 5.25-inch floppy drive, two graphics modes 560x192 in black and white and 280x192 with 16 colors or shades of gray. It had 4 expansion slots.

apple /// Revised[edit]

The apple /// was released in the second half of '81 and retailed for $3495. The reason for this is that the public had found a flaw in the logic board design so Apple had to pull the /// off shelves and re-release it. This re-release had 256KB of RAM as standard. The FCC made Apple discontinue the apple /// Revised because Apple didn't change the name.

apple /// Plus[edit]

The apple /// Plus was released in December of 1983 and it retailed for $2995, after Apple had to discontinue the apple /// Revised because they did not change the computer's name after they modified it, they re-re-released it with a built-in clock, 55-watt power supply, and a //e-like keyboard.


Name Platform(s) Latest Version /// /// Revised /// Plus FLOSS Active Recommended
PC / x86
MAME Windows Linux macOS FreeBSD 0.252
Sara macOS 0.5.1 ? ?

This computer doesn't have too many emulators because of how bad it flopped. The first one that fully works is MAME.

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