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The Amstrad Colour Personal Computer

The Amstrad CPC was a series of 8-bit computers released in Europe to compete with the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum. Like the Amiga, it was a big gaming platform.


Name Operating System(s) Latest Version Active Recommended
Arnold Windows, OS X, Linux WIP
Caprice Linux, FreeBSD, Windows 4.2.0
Caprice32 Linux, Windows 4.4.0
Caprice Forever Windows beta 0.30 ?
CPC4Rpi Linux (Raspberry Pi) 1.3b
JavaCPC Desktop Multi-platform 2.9.5b
MESS Multi-platform 0.183
Roland Multi-platform 0.5b
WinAPE Windows 2.0b2
CPCEmu Multi-platform 1.7 ?
dsp Multi-platform 0.17b1 WIP ?
SugarBox Windows 0.27


  • CPC4Rpi is simply a fork of Caprice that is optimised towards the Raspberry Pi.
  • Cap32 is a fork of Caprice for libretro.